Glen enters contract with county

Shown is town of Glen John Thomas discussing agenda items during the town's regular board meeting on Monday. On the left is Councilman Kirk Field and on the right is Councilman Ron Crewell. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

GLEN — While board members expressed frustration about lack of legislative representation and the cost to taxpayers over a mandated contract to take care of mowing the grass alongside county roads, board members approved the grass and brush control contract with Montgomery County at the board’s regular meeting on Monday.

The county entered into agreements with 10 towns, the city of Amsterdam and village of St. Johnsville for grass and brush control on county roads at a rate of $400 per center line, at a total cost of $157,912 to the county fund, according to the Montgomery County Legislature resolution.

According to the resolution passed by the town of Glen, the town accepted the contract for grass and brush control on county roads within the town in the amount of $15,352 for a period of June 1 through May 31, 2020.

Although the town passed the resolution, the board is unhappy with the lack of representation from the legislature at meetings and with the dollar figure amount they are receiving for the grass and brush control, along with snow removal on county roads within the town.

“Is this why we haven’t seen our legislature official? I mean, he hasn’t been here at all,” said Councilman Ron Crewell. “We can’t get any insight as to why we can’t get any increases for anything whether it be our snow plowing, anything whatsoever. These figures are paying nothing.”

Supervisor John Thomas said their representative, Legislator Robert Headwell, hasn’t been to any of the board’s meetings since January 2018.

Thomas said he’s reviewed the materials, man hours and equipment hours.

“It adds up, but it adds up to about $50,000 more than we’re getting paid,” Thomas said. “There were other towns that signed on at 1 percent and I rejected it and resubmitted it at 5 percent.”

Thomas said it is an unfunded county mandate that is getting passed on to the towns.

“My recommendation is that we do the bare minimum,” he said. “I know that we make two or three passes where the road is wide.”

Thomas said they are supposed to be talking with County Executive Matt Ossenfort and the legislators on the snow and ice contract.

“Only 85 percent of our property tax bill goes to the county,” Thomas said. “The town of Glen gets about 15 percent of your tax bill. I’m glad there are members of the public here today.”