Drama club nominated for 3 awards

Shown is the cast and crew who performed in "The Little Mermaid" put on the Northville Drama Club. The production is nominated for three awards in the High School Musical Theatre Awards at Proctors. (Photo submitted)

NORTHVILLE — Northville Central School District’s Drama Club didn’t let the construction being done in the school’s auditorium this year as part of the district’s capital project get in their way of putting on a production that led them to be nominated in three categories in the 2019 High School Musical Theatre Awards at Proctors.

The drama club was nominated for Best Musical in Tier C, Best Technical Execution and Ian Daigneault was nominated for Best Actor in their production of “The Little Mermaid”.

“I am very excited because we thought that we had a shot at being nominated for something, but when we found out we were nominated in three categories it was really surprising to all of us,” said Hannah Lent, who played a “mer-sister.” “We’re excited to see what happens at the awards ceremony.”

Assistant Director Katie Bogert said it was a “shock and awe kind of year” as the drama club faced a few challenges leading up to the show. She said the drama club started the year off without the auditorium due to the construction, along with sound and lighting which were being updated in the auditorium. Bogert said they didn’t get lighting until about two weeks before the show. Bogert said the students had to rehearse in spaces they weren’t used to.

Bogert said for the students to have an “amazing performance” and stay dedicated to the show even with all of their challenges, along with balancing other clubs they’re involved in made it “even more amazing.”

Shown is a sceme from "The Little Mermaid" put on the Northville Drama Club. The production is nominated for three awards in the High School Musical Theatre Awards at Proctors. (Photo submitted)

“It’s so deserving. The effort that they put in and for the ability for the judges to see that and to see the amazing talent that these students possess on stage and in the backstage, it’s amazing. I’m very very proud of them,” Bogert said.

She said she was shocked that the drama club was even nominated for Best Technical Execution especially since it was one of the problems they faced all year. Most of their technical work in “The Little Mermaid” included making props work on stage, lighting effects and sound. Bogert said their sound was the music given to them through the production company, and they just enhanced the music using lighting special effects.

Patricia Ladmer who was a lighting engineer for the production said they had a whole new lighting system.

“It really wasn’t set up until two weeks before the show, so I had to pull everything together within two weeks,” Ladmer said.

Madison Klingbeil who helped with sound and music said music was easier to control this year.

“Last year it was on a computer, but this year it was on an iPad so it was easier to control the sound of music,” Klingbeil said.

Daigneault, who played the character “Scuttle” in “The Little Mermaid” said he is shocked to have been nominated for Best Actor.

He said after seeing other actors in the area who are also nominated for awards, he is surprised to even be considered for the nomination.

“It was a fun role for me,” Daigneault said. “Even before drama club I love doing little characters, so ‘Scuttle’ for me was a natural thing to do. I had to really clean up my act when it came to it, but other than that it was fun.”

Daigneault, if he wins the award for Best Actor, has the opportunity to go on to the Jimmy Awards, also known as the National High School Musical Theatre Awards.

He said if he won the award, he isn’t sure if he’d choose to go on to the Jimmy Awards.

“When I joined Drama Club I wasn’t planning on winning. I wasn’t planning on making this some sort of career, so I’m not really sure about doing this whole Jimmy Awards,” Daigneault said.

Not only is the Northville Drama Club nominated for three awards, but some of the students will get to perform on Proctor’s stage at the awards ceremony. Performing at the awards ceremony will be the “mer-sisters”. They will be performing a musical number to represent the drama club for Best Musical.

Madeline Downing and Lent who both play “mer-sisters” are excited and nervous to be performing at Proctors on Saturday.

“It’s really exciting because we really love this number and it’s super upbeat and fun. The group that we do it with, we just have a lot of fun together because we’re all really good friends,” Lent said. “And so that’s going to be really exciting and to get to do it again like two weeks after the show is over, but it is nerve wracking to have that many people because we’ve never done anything on that field level. It is a dream come true though because me, and I know a few other of us, we love acting and I go to proctors all the time to see shows there, so getting to perform on stage is going to be amazing.”

To be nominated for any of the awards, the drama club had to be enrolled in the competition being offered by Proctors.

Bogert said they had to be signed up in the beginning of the season in September. They had to attend meetings to learn about the criteria, submit paperwork on how the production is being done, cost of production which is how the school is nominated for Best Musical are put into tiers. Since Northville is a small school, they were put in Tier C.

Along the way they were able to take the students, whoever wanted to sign up for it, to proctors for workshops with actual people off of Broadway who focused on several different skills. “We are now a part of the high school musical awards,” Bogert said.

The High School Musical Theatre Awards at Proctors Theatre will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets to the awards show are $15 and can be purchased online at www.proctors.org/event/high-school-musical-theatre-awards or by calling the Proctors Box Office at (518) 346-6204.