Village of Broadalbin to keep tax levy level

Broadalbin Village Mayor Lawrence Cornell, left, and Village Clerk Sheila Bleyl, right, are shown during its regular meeting on Tuesday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

BROADALBIN — The village adopted its 2019-20 budget during its regular meeting on Tuesday with no increase or decrease in the tax levy.

The 2019-20 budget shows the tax levy remaining the same as the current budget at $220,360 and remains below the allowed tax cap of $235,033.

Although the tax levy remains the same, the budget shows an increase of 4 cents per $1,000 to the tax rate for the village. For the town of Mayfield there is a decrease of .29 cents per $1,000. This is due to taxable assessed values down by $562,112 in Broadalbin, and up slightly by $9,269 in Mayfield, along with Broadalbin’s equalization rate which dropped from 88.98 percent to 83.05 percent and Mayfield’s equalization rate which remained steady at 68 percent.

Mayfield’s rates are included due to the village being a split village. Part of it is in the town of Broadalbin and part of it is in Mayfield.

Total appropriations include the general fund at $634,367; the water fund at $152,670; and the sewer fund at $423,243.

The 2019-20 budget will go into effect on June 1.

“I think we’re in a financially stable condition, unlike some places,” said Mayor Lawrence Cornell. “Our increases are small, percentage-wise.”

He said there are a lot of communities, such as the town of Broadalbin, that had a 177 percent tax increase in their budget. He said the village is at 1.1 percent.

“A lot of that comes from our stable funding and the way we look at the funding,” Cornell said.

He said, for an example, this year the village bought a new police car, but it was bought using the reserve fund.

“A lot of places will go out and borrow and it becomes part of their budget for the next five to 10 years. That’s not the way we operate,” Cornell said.

In other news, the village also held its organizational meeting on Tuesday.

Regular Village Board meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

The village designated The Leader-Herald as its official newspaper. They designated NBT bank for village depositories.

The village passed a motion to co-sponsor the Broadalbin Youth Commission with the town of Broadalbin and the Broadalbin-Perth School District, with the village contributing $4,950 to the program.

The mileage rate for the year was set at .58 cents per mile.

Mayoral appointments for the year include: Trustee Mario Cristaldi as deputy mayor for one year and as the police and public health and safety commissioner for one year; Trustee Steven Murray as information technology and street commissioner for one year; Trustee Susan DeRocker as the water commissioner for one year; David Jennings as sewer commissioner for one year; Village Clerk Sheila Bleyl as clerk-treasurer for two years and registrar for two years; Michele Rackmyre as deputy clerk-treasurer for one year and deputy registrar for one year; Steve Oare as village historian for one year; and Melissa Sye as a member of the zoning board of appeals for a five year term.