NCSD Superintendent is interim at Edinburg Common School

NORTHVILLE — Northville Central School District Superintendent Leslie Ford has taken on a second role as interim superintendent for Edinburg Common School after the resignation of ECS Superintendent Kimberly Hromada.

“I feel really fortunate to represent both districts. It’s a great opportunity,” Ford said. “I’m fortunate to have two very involved school boards and teachers working together. It’s very helpful.”

Hromada, who has been superintendent since July 2015, resigned on April 5.

Edinburg Common School District released a joint statement.

“Superintendent of Schools, Kimberly Hromada, has submitted a letter resigning her employment with the Edinburg Common School District, effective April 5, 2019,” the statement reads. “The district thanks Ms. Hromada for her service and dedication to the students of Edinburg and wishes her success in the future. We would also like to inform you that Dr. Leslie Ford will assume the duties and responsibilities of Interim Superintendent and Principal of Edinburg Common School.”

Through its shared services agreement, Edinburg reached out to the Northville Central School District to have Ford take on the role as interim superintendent.

Ford’s first day was on Monday. Her contract lasts until the end of June, giving Edinburg until then to find a replacement.

Ford said a school board meeting will be held on Tuesday to discuss how the district will continue to move forward. She said the board will most likely discuss it in executive session, since it is a personnel matter.

“[The] Northville Central School District and Edinburg Common School District are already partners, so we have a lot of ways we share services and this was just an extension of that,” Ford said.

She said it can be difficult to balance two school districts, but “luckily we’re so close together.” Since Edinburg only goes up to grade six, many of the students transfer to NCSD.

“We’re very compatible,” Ford said. “Everyone has been welcoming and understanding of what’s going on right now.”