Campaign petition challenges not valid

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Board of Elections ruled Thursday morning that three public challenges to election petitions involving town of Caroga races were unsubstantiated.

Board Republican Commissioner Lee Hollenbeck said he and Democratic Commissioner John Zawadzki ruled on the validity of the Republican petitions filed by these incumbent Caroga candidates: Supervisor James Selmser, and Councilmen Kent Kirch and Jeremy Manning.

Hollenbeck said Caroga resident John Livingston challenged petitions by all three candidates, claiming they didn’t have the required amount of signatures. But the commissioner said all three did have “plenty” of signatures, and the challenges were negated.

“They’re still on the ballot,” Hollenbeck said of the candidates.

He said the Board of Elections received one more petition challenge, but that won’t be ruled on until Monday. He declined to get into details on that case.

A two-way Republican primary for supervisor will be held June 25 between Selmser and challenger Scott M. Horton. Running for councilman in Caroga are these Republicans: Kirch, Manning, Donald Travis and Richard Sturgess.

Fulton County’s designating petitions were filed April 1 through 4. Over 75 offices are up in the county in 2019.

Candidates wishing to file independent petitions can do so from May 21 to 28.

General Election Day is Nov. 5.