Glen building put up for sale

Town puts retainer on larger building complex

Town of Glen held its regular board meeting on Monday. From left are Councilmen Thomas Murray, Kirk Field, Supervisor John Thomas and Councilman Ron Crewell. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

GLEN — The town board at its regular meeting on Monday passed a resolution putting the existing highway garage up on the market.

The town listed the existing highway garage at $175,000 with Coldwell Banker. Listing the highway garage for sale comes following the town purchasing the Delaney building.

Last month the town put a 10 percent down payment towards the purchase of the $600,000 building. Town Supervisor John Thomas said he signed a contract with Tim Delaney, the current owner of the building.

“The town has been waiting years for this,” Thomas said. “It’s time.”

The Delaney building, which is located at 3950 Route 30A, is 50 percent bigger than what the town had originally planned to build.

The town was originally looking to build a 10,000 square-foot new highway garage and town office building on a five-acre parcel of land owned by the town on Auriesville Road. The Delaney building is 15,000 square feet.

Thomas said Delaney is currently underutilizing the building, using only about two bays worth of stuff.

The Delaney building also has office space on the end of the building, if the town decided to move town offices to that building.

Councilman Ron Crewell said the Delaney building also has a heating system in the floor, unlike the town hall which has heating in the ceiling and constantly needs fans on to circulate the heat.

“It’s efficient,” Crewell said of the Delaney building.

With cost of the building at $600,000, along with possible renovation costs at $200,000, the town board has been working with state Sen. George Amedore to get the $300,000 State and Municipal Facilities grant the town was awarded in August converted from a construction grant to a purchase grant.

Thomas said he’s “confident” in Amedore.

Councilman Thomas Murray said he has also been attempting to reach out to Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, but has not been successful.

Other ways the town plans to cover the costs are through a consolidated funding application, Thomas said he planned to do for $800,000, along with $150,000 in the capital reserve fund; and the town could borrow the remainder from the fund balance in which the town can pay themselves back.