Fulton County Weights & Measures Director gives review of time

Reports on inspections, programs given

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County Weights and Measures Director James Callery presented a year-end review of his 2018 work to the Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee recently at the County Office Building.

The Department of Weights and Measures is responsible for checking and maintaining legal measuring systems throughout the county, ranging from gasoline pumps, to scales, to milk measuring systems on local farms.

“Every January, I give you my report I have to fill out for New York state,” Callery said. “I did get to all my devices.”

According to Callery’s 2018 report, of the 1,419 hours he worked, about 30 percent of his time was spent inspecting and testing gasoline pumps throughout Fulton County. About 22 percent, or 315 hours, was spent inspecting or testing weighing devices. His workload was also partially spent this way: 12 percent — administration; 10 percent — all other commercial device inspections; 8.5 percent — package control; and 4 percent — petroleum quality program.

The report found that Callery dealt with 28 farm milk tanks in his jurisdiction.

Callery in 2018 did 239 inspections in 178 establishments. The most, 32, were done in food stores and delis. A total of 25 gas station stores were inspected, 16 farm/produce establishments were inspected; and 12 drug stores were inspected.

A total of 55 gasoline samples went through laboratory analysis, while six diesel fuel samples were taken.

Seven public complaints were received by Callery’s department — five regarding gasoline and two involving devices.

Devices checked by Callery included: computing scales, customer scales, vehicle scales, prescription scales, platform scales petroleum pumps, pharmacy weights, timing devices and milk tanks.

Most of Callery’s work found compliance in 96 to 100 percent of cases, although one found 89.5 percent involving petroleum.

Callery said some of the weights and measures departments, such as in Montgomery County, have experienced credit card skimmers targeting gas stations in the past few years. He has said skimming has been reported across New York state. He said he has worked with the FBI, but Fulton County stations have generally been spared of skimmers.

Skimmers mostly in the dead of night have unlocked pumps and attached a device to steal credit car numbers from people pumping gas. In Montgomery County, pumps in the past were reported skimmed near the state Thruway in Amsterdam and in Fonda.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at manich@leaderherald.com.