Woman finds, returns nearly $8,000

Money was floating in the air off Route 30A

Shown is Terri Brubaker who noticed money worth $8,000 on Route 30A in Gloversville in Runnings on Monday and took it to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office where the money was returned to the owner. (Photo submitted)

GLOVERSVILLE — Almost $8,000 found its way back to its rightful owner on Monday when a Mayfield woman noticed the money floating between traffic on Route 30A near Runnings.

Terri Brubaker did what she hopes someone would do for her if the situation was reversed.

Brubaker said she was driving along Route 30A near Runnings in Gloversville when she saw the money.

“I was on my way to Hannaford to pick up my daughter’s prescription when I saw money floating in the middle of 30A,” Brubaker said.

Her thoughts when she first saw the money was, “That’s a lot of money.”

She immediately stopped alongside the road and began collecting the money and soon after, two other vehicles had pulled behind her and those people helped collect the money as well.

Brubaker said the money was all loose, and she had collected several $100 dollar bills.

“It was like in the movies when cars are going by and there is money floating,” Brubaker said.

She said she was there for about 10 minutes collecting the money and then called 911 and took the money to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

“I figured someone lost a lot of money and didn’t know it was missing,” Brubaker said.

Brubaker said she did not count the money herself, but the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office said there was about $8,000.

Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino said the woman who lost the money had it in a bag and put it on the roof of her car while she stowed away a stroller.

“A good samaritan found it and turned it in,” said Giardino. “Out of $7,600, only $430 is still missing.”

Brubaker said she is unsure who the money belonged to, but when she was collecting it she did find an envelope the money had been in that said “Dad” on it, but wasn’t sure whether that meant it was for someone’s dad or from someone’s dad.

She said while at the sheriff’s office, a woman was there who claimed the money to be hers.

“I’m glad it got back to it’s owner,” Brubaker said. “If I lost money, I hope someone would turn it in.”

Giardino commended Brubaker for her honesty and quick thinking.

“The sheriff’s department commends Ms. Brubaker who found and turned in the money,” said Giardino. “We thank her for setting a fine example of what we all should do if we find ourselves in that type of situation. Not everyone would do what she did.”


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