Steet Toyota to use Udderly Delicious lot off season

JOHNSTOWN — The city Planning Board on Tuesday voted to allow Steet Toyota to park some of its vehicles on nearby property owned by Udderly Delicious during the ice cream shop’s off-season.

The move wasn’t considered a project, but city Code Enforcement Officer Bruce Heberer said he wanted to bring the “storage lot” idea to the board to give it an opportunity to sanction it.

“This is a little unusual,” said board Chairman Peter K. Smith.

Heberer said the deal between Steet Toyota, 310 N. Comrie Ave., and Udderly Delicious, 340 N. Comrie Ave., represents a “change of business plan.”

“Basically, the cars will be stored there for snow removal,” he said. “The action is adjusting their business plan.”

James Skiff, owner of Skiff’s Dairy LLC and Udderly Delicious, requested the city allow Steet Toyota to display vehicles on that property during the ice cream business’ off-season — October to March. In his application to the board, Skiff requested Steet be allowed to display up to 50 vehicles at the Udderly Delicious property.

Skiff indicated in his application that no vehicles will be displayed 30 feet from the edge of Bloomingdale Avenue.

“The vehicles displayed will not block vision of any oncoming or going traffic, from either side of the road,” the application read. “Such as large dump trucks, tractor trailers, RVs and vehicle of similarity that have height of seven feet or greater.”

Skiff told the board, “The cars will be gone when we open.”

He said Steet’s cars will only be stored at Udderly property while the dealership is plowing.

Smith expressed some reluctance to have the deal approved without the attendance of City Attorney Michael Poulin at the meeting.

“It’s not a permanent change of occupancy,” said Heberer.

Board member George Nicholas made a motion to permit the Steet-Udderly vehicle deal. The board approved it, with the only no vote cast by Smith.

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