Board of Supervisors reviews rates

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Board of Supervisors’ Finance Committee last week reviewed state equalization rates for the county’s municipalities, and the news wasn’t encouraging.

“The majority have not maintained their equalization rate and have actually gone down,” said county Budget Director Alice Kuntzsch.

The Finance Committee on Nov. 27 was tasked with reviewing and officially accepting the county’s report on the Committee on Equalization. The full board last week approved a final resolution, which lays out the municipalities’ current state equalization rates, computing the equalized value of real property in Fulton County.

“This is where everything gets equalized,” Kuntzsch said.

For municipalities that have done property revaluations in recent years, the equalization rates remained around 100 percent — the preferred rate by which to calculate true value of property when computing final tax rates.

On the average, Fulton County supervisors zeroed out its tax rate for all its taxpayers for 2019. But seven of the county’s 12 municipalities will see county property tax increases next year due to fluctuating equalization rates.

The report of the equalization committee showed these equalization rates, or percentage used on assessment on real property: city of Gloversville — 100 percent; city of Johnstown — 96 percent; town of Bleecker — 100 percent; town of Broadalbin — 83.05 percent; town of Caroga — 61 percent; town of Ephratah — 69 percent; town of Johnstown — 67 percent; town of Mayfield — 68 percent; town of Northampton — 65 percent; town of Oppenheim — 51.42 percent; town of Perth — 51.82 percent; town of Stratford — 100 percent.

Kuntzsch reported Stratford’s equalization rate went down from 105 percent to the preferred 105 percent rate. She said the city of Johnstown “lost a little,” decreasing after its reval a few years ago to a 96 percent rate.

“We have some that are very, very low,” Kuntzsch said.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at