More expenses at school

NORTHVILLE — An update on Northville Central School District’s capital project was given during the Board of Education’s regular meeting on Tuesday.

Giving the update was Mike Catalina, the director of facilities.

One issue the district is continuing to recover from is all the damages done during the transition to the new transformer. Several technical devices were fried in that transformation.

Catalina said there are a lot of damaged items that they’re just starting to see.

“That includes a lot of those control modules — thermostats which are not cheap, they’re very expensive,” Catalina said.

He said one small module is approximately $375 to $400, and with there being about a few dozen damaged, that money can add up quick.

Catalina said there were brand new control panels that were damaged along with the thermostats.

Their grace period for future damaged items found is about six months and they are three months in right now.

“What we’re going to find probably more damaged is the outlets themselves and anything that was hooked up to them,” Catalina said.

He said all the outlets were stress tested.

“So I think we’re in good shape there,” Catalina said.

Other updates on the capital project include:

In the music room, surfaces have been removed. The gym’s adjustable baskets were installed. Sod placement on the fields is complete, and the remaining areas were hypo-seeded on Tuesday.

Clean up in the auditorium also started Tuesday and is expected to be completed by next week. The boilers were tested and are working well.

The security cameras were installed and the lockdown activation buttons have been put in place in the superintendent’s office. Catalina said the buttons were tested and the recording announcement on the system are generic, so they will be working on recording their own announcement.

Elevator fire safety centers have been installed in both elevator shafts.

“There’s a lot of other little things that are going on and the list could be twice as long,” Catalina said.