Grange building to be torn down

PERTH — The former Grange Hall, owned by the town, is going out to bid for the removal of asbestos on the property for future demolition of the building.

According to resolution 89 of 2017, the Grange building, located on Route 17 adjacent to the Perth Town Hall, “is in a serious state of disrepair and it would be financially and economically unfeasible to attempt to rehabilitate the structure.”

The resolution states the Grange Hall, which is no use to the town, should be demolished and the town should take any action necessary to get the building demolished.

The town recently had an asbestos survey completed and will now go out to bid for the removal of asbestos.

According to the asbestos findings document, asbestos was found in materials such as furnace insulation located in the basement at the base of the furnace near the burner; duct insulation also in the basement on furnace duct work and flue packing insulation located in the furnace chimney.

In a letter from the Fulton County Department of Solid Waste that was addressed at the town’s regular meeting on Oct 4 states, “On Sept. 19, 2018, I received and reviewed the Asbestos Survey findings from Spectrum Environmental Associates, Inc. on the Grange property owned by the town of Perth. The survey notes there are small quantities of asbestos found that would require removal prior to demolition.”

The department provided the town with a list of nearby firms to go out to bid. Those firms include C&C Unlimited, Atlantic Contracting and Clean Air Environmental.

According to the letter, once the removal of the asbestos is complete, the Fulton County Demolition Team can schedule the demolition of the building.

Costs to the town for the demolition would be the tip fee of $25 per ton for all debris generated.

Town Supervisor Greg Fagan could not be reached before press time.