Town looks to lock its offices

Town of Perth council members Walter Kowalczyk, left, Peter Betz, Gay Lewandowski, Timothy Korona, and Supervisor Gregory Fagan, right, are shown during their regular meeting on Thursday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

PERTH — Town council members discussed the possibility of locking doors inside the municipal office building to prevent people who rent the senior center part of the property from entering the offices.

Councilman Walter Kowalczyk brought up the issue of having the doors locked during the town’s regular meeting on Thursday.

He said some party goers have wandered all throughout the building, including going into the cellar and wandering into the courtroom. Kowalczyk suggested putting a lock on the doors in the hallway that separate the senior center from the courtroom and municipal offices, and lock the cellar door.

“They’ve been down there, they moved all the chairs, they moved stuff around down cellar,” Kowalczyk said. “They have no business down there.”

Supervisor Gregory Fagan agreed. He said they might not be able to put locks on the doors in case of a fire, but Kowalczyk pointed out that there are two exits and shouldn’t be a problem.

“Then the simple thing is to get a lock on that door between here and the other side,” Fagan said.

Kowalczyk said the clerk will have a key to the locks.

Fagan said he would like to check with the code enforcer before getting the locks.

“I think we still need to check because of the exit from cellar about having that door locked, whether that we can do,” Fagan said.

Councilman Peter Betz also suggested making it so the rental agreement states that party goers are limited to just the senior center.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea have the rental agreement to say the rental is limited to the senior center only,” Betz said.