Northville schools capital project on time

Work being done on an outdoor classroom which is part of Northville's capital project is shown. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

NORTHVILLE — Northville Central School District’s $7.5 million capital project is expected to be complete by the end of October.

As students go back to school, they will notice the several changes that have been made and what is still a work in progress both inside and outside of the school.

Starting with construction that can be seen outside the school as Northville residents drive by the building, is work being done on the athletic fields.

Superintendent Leslie Ford said taking place outside is work being done on the soccer, baseball and softball fields. Ford said the fields will not be able to be played on for two seasons. The district has a shared services contract with the village of Northville and town of Northampton which will allow students to play on the two soccer fields that were made on Prospect Street near the cemetery.

There will be a renewed walking path and an exercise station that will allow students and community members to walk, as well as do up to five different exercises while on the path.

Construction being done on the fields as part of the capital project at Northville Central School District is shown. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

Beginning this school year, students and teachers will get to have classes outdoors at the outdoor classroom, which is ready for use.

There will also be a new stairway, which will be used for graduation.

In front of the school, there is a new pre-K playground, and new fencing on Third Street.

New security cameras have been installed, along with a new security entrance with double doors into the school. Visitors will still continue to ring a door bell to get in, but rather than walking across the hall to the main office, they will have to sign in at a window in the school’s entrance.

Inside the building, seven different classrooms were renewed with fresh paint and new tile floors. The four bathrooms were completely redone. Hallway lights were replaced with new LED light fixtures. The middle school and high school each have new lockers.

Construction being done on the fields as part of the capital project at Northville Central School District is shown. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

Upgrades are being made to the gym with new flooring, paint, bleachers, lettering, padding, ceiling and light fixtures. The locker rooms will also have new lockers.

Ford said the nurse’s office has been relocated and there will be a telehealth office.

“This is to provide remote medical and counseling services for families,” Ford said.

In the cafeteria, it will be new light fixtures, updated coolers and freezers and a new salad bar.

Ford said the $7.5 million capital project has remained at or under budget, and at or under the timeline. However there was one setback as the school made the transition to the new transformer. The school had to go on a generator for three days which Ford said was expected, but some technical devices were fried in the transformation and an assessment had to be done to see what was affected. Ford said they had to recover from that.

As an extension of the capital project, the district will have an Energy Proficiency project that will reduce costs longterm to the district and taxpayers. The district is also looking to install Smart Schools technology, but are waiting on the state to approve funding.

Ford said the school is the hallmark of the Northville area for revitalization and economic growth. She said this specific project was designed for community use.

“A lot of group involvement was put into the project,” Ford said. “In all areas of the project, we had students and teachers involved in making changes. Everyone had a say.”