Help the Glove with bag purchase

GLOVERSVILLE — Patrons of the arts can support the Glove Performing Arts Center while doing their shopping this month by purchasing a reusable Hannaford Community Bag.

The local non-profit Glove Performing Arts Center has partnered with the Hannaford located at 235 5th Ave. in order to raise funds for the entertainment venue by direct donation through the purchase of the reusable Community Bag.

The Hannaford Helps Reusable Bag Program launched in October 2015 is designed to support a different local non-profit each month through the sale of multi-use shopping bags.

During the month of September, Hannaford will donate $1 to the Glove for every Community Bag that is purchased at the city store. Funds raised through this program will support capital projects and programming at the Glove Theatre and within the community.

“The Glove Theatre is a part of the Gloversville community and has contributed to the life of downtown for many years. The purchase of a Hannaford Community bag by community members is a way to show their support for The Glove Theatre,” Gloversville Theatre Corporation Board of Directors President Laurie Lazinski said Wednesday.

“Reusable bags are a great way to reduce waste and keep Gloversville beautiful,” she added.

The Glove was built in 1914 as a live performance venue for opera, Vaudeville shows and orchestral concerts. The theater was later purchased and converted into a movie house in the 1920s. The theater was sold again in the 1960s due to low ticket sales before closing in 1976.

In 1995, a group of locals formed the Gloversville Theatre Corporation, establishing the theater as a community based not-for-profit organization committed to bringing the arts to the region and restoring the historic theater, initiating a restoration project throughout the building that has continued through today.

The theater hosts a wide variety of performers and presentations including comedy, film, plays, musicals, choirs, quartets and more to entertain and educate area residents and children.

“The money raised from the Hannaford Community bags campaign in September will be used to support a community based event. The community supports The Glove and The Glove gives back to the community,” Lazinski said. “Our goal is to keep moving forward and be a positive influence in downtown. We are thankful for all the support the community provides with this campaign.”