Board passes tax cap override

Town of Glen Supervisor John Thomas, left, and board member Ron Crewell, right, during the town board's regular meeting on Monday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

GLEN — The town board, during their regular meeting on Monday, passed Local Law 2 to amend Chapter 89, which is a tax cap override for the 2019 budget.

The town has a budget of $1.7 million with a tax cap of 2 percent which means they can’t increase their budget more than $6,000.

Passing this local law gives the town the option to exceed their 2 percent tax cap.

“There is a mandate in New York state that you can’t exceed the tax cap on the school tax or the property tax. You can’t exceed more than 2 percent,” said Supervisor John Thomas. “The 2 percent for us means we can’t increase our budget more than $6,000 and we have a budget of $1.7 million.”

Thomas said they lose $6,000 in health care costs or to their “contractual obligations” to the highway department.

“The 2 percent, we just can’t live there,” Thomas said. “We don’t have anything, we have very few and small discretionary items.”

Non-discretionary items for the Town of Glen include: a five percent sales tax decrease, eight percent increase in health benefits, $0.55 salary increase for highway department, a 19.6 percent mortgage tax decrease and a $4,000 highway insurance rate increase.

“Just a small portion of our $1.7 million comes from property tax and the average property owner pays $202 in property tax. 87 percent of your town and county bill goes back to the county because 13 percent stays in the town,” Thomas said.

Board member Ron Crewell asked Thomas if he knew what the tax cap would be if it exceeds the 2 percent.

“I mean your intention, there’s no doubt in my mind is you intend to override the tax cap,” Crewell said.

Thomas said it is too soon to tell what the tax cap would be and that would be something to discuss at their budget meeting. He said last year the tax cap was 44 percent which raised an additional $90,000 through that tax cap override.

The town’s budget meeting is scheduled for Oct. 8 at 5 p.m.