SVAN Art Trails are back for 2018

Photo submited "Sisphean Holiday (portal passages) by John Van Alstine is shown. Van Alstine is one of the artists featured in the SVAN Art Trails event being held on Saturday and Sunday.

NORTHVILLE — Ever want to see artists in their creative environment? The Sacandaga Valley Arts Network Art Trails event will do just that.

After skipping a year, SVAN is bringing back Art Trails which is scheduled to take place today and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on both days.

The SVAN Art Trails is a driving tour of artists’ studios and galleries. The event allows artists located all throughout the area to invite people into their studios to see how their work is created.

Carolyn Adamczyk of Northville, who is a stain glass artists featured in the art trails , said there is no schedule. There is a map indicating each location of the artists and people can choose which artists they would like to see and go to their location. Every artists will be open, or at SVAN, on both days during the event. Maps can be found at each location or on Facebook.

“It started out as sort of an art education thing, to let us invite people into our home studios and show them how we do what we do, whatever medium it is,” Adamczyk said. “Whether it’s photography, or painting, weaving, in my case its stain glass.”

Glove City Swamp 5894, regional photography under acrylic glass in wooden art box on reclaimed roof tin by Janene Bouck. Bouck is one of the artists featured in the SVAN Art Trails event being held on Saturday and Sunday. (Photo submited)

This year there will be about 26 artists. The art trails map shows 17 artists, however, William Coffey Studio in the village joined the art trail after the map was published and he is expected to bring another 8 artists with him.

Adamczyk said some artists will be in a gallery setting. Other artists will be at the SVAN gallery because they don’t necessarily have a studio of their own.

One artist who can be found at the SVAN gallery is photographer Norma Porteus. Porteus is 99 years old and has been photographing since she was young.

Other artists at the SVAN gallery will include acrylic landscape painter Nancie Johnson, and photographer Sandra Peters.

“I think the artists involved in this are just really excited about doing art trails this year,” Adamczyk said. “I think they’re all glad we brought it back. And hopefully this will be successful and we’ll be able to get more artists in the coming years.”

Copper Tree, stained glas and copper by Carolun Adamczyk is shown. Adamczyk is one of the artists featured in the SVAN Art Trails event being held on Saturday and Sunday. (Photo submited)

There have been three art trail events held in the past; in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Adamczyk said they did not hold an art trail event last year due to timing issues.

“As with any event like this, if you skip a year, regardless of what happened the year before that, you lose momentum,” Adamczyk said. “Even if people didn’t go to it, if it was on their minds and they knew that it was a yearly event, you sort of lose momentum, so we’re building back up.”

There is a committed board now to ensure the event continues year after year. This year’s main coordinator of this event is Arlene Rambush. She is also one of the artists featured in the art trails as a weaver. She can be found at 130 N. Bush Road, Benson.

This year the SVAN art trails has a larger social media presence than two years ago.

“I think that’s going to help us a lot actually just being on Facebook in particular, and creating that event. We didn’t do that last time,” Adamczyk said. “We don’t have a website for it, but we hope to do that in the future where you could just go to the website and have all the links established to the different artists’ websites.”

Steel and woood sculptureal table by Barney Bellinger is shown. Bellinger is one of the artists featured in the SVAN Art Trails event being held on Saturday and Sunday. (Photo submited)

Also new this year, Adamczyk is trying to get each of the artists to have a kick-off event.

Adamczyk said she invited the other artists to have specific kick-off events at their businesses or studios. She said for her kick-off event, she is inviting everyone over at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday for breakfast and appetizers.

“I plan on having a separate table set up with the process step-by-step; how I go through to get to the end product,” Adamczyk said. “I think that’s a little easier for me because I do stain glass, so it’s kind of a puzzle to begin with.”

Adamczyk, who is originally from Northville, joined the military immediately after she graduated. She retired after 21 years. With her husband still on active duty, she experimented with a lot of different art.

“I took a class on stain glass about 11 years ago in Bedford, Massachusetts, because of where we were stationed at the time, and I just fell in love with it,” Adamczyk said. “As we moved to his different duty stations, I would just do different craft fairs.”

Now being back in Northville she is able to work on her art rather than just go to craft fairs.

“I can now work on things that I want to do, not necessarily with the objective of selling things,” Adamczyk said. “I create things that I like and that really has been working out very well for me. As it turns out people like the things that I like.”

Adamczyk has recently been incorporating copper into her stain glass. She has also tried to incorporate other materials into the glass, so it gives the image some depth.

“My favorite thing about creating art, for me personally, is just talking to people about how I create it. I love telling people about each step and how I came up with certain ideas for certain pieces,” she said.

SVAN is a nonprofit organization with a network of artists. The organization hosts concerts in Waterfront Park every Saturday throughout the summer. They also do a concert series throughout the year at different venues.

There is an art gallery on the second floor to the Northville Library and artists are scheduled throughout the year for two months at a time and they do exhibits in the Library.