Board talks LED lights

BROADALBIN — The village board discussed costs and possible options for plans to switch street lights with LED lighting during its meeting Tuesday.

Trustee Steve Murray said the board is looking to replace 157 street lights with LED lights because it is more cost efficient to go with LED lights.

“National Grid flat out tells you that you could look at savings anywhere between 50 percent to two-thirds reduction in your electricity usage,” Murray said.

He explained to the rest of the village board that if they had switched to LED in the past year, they could have saved anywhere from $6,500 at 50 percent savings to $8,700 at two-thirds savings.

“That’s a good savings,” said Trustee Mario Cristaldi.

Murray said however, National Grid would make them pay for the undepreciated portion of all the fixtures if the board were to buy them out.

Murray said it would be about $35,000 to pay National Grid to buy out the lights and have them be converted.

The other option would be to ask National Grid to convert all the light fixtures to LED for them and have the company still own the lights.

The costs for this option would be $3,100.

“If a storm takes down a pole, either way they would still have to put up a new pole. But if you own them, you then have to go put up a new pole,” Murray said. “If they still own them, then they put up the lightings.”

No decision was made regarding the switch to LED lights. The board went through costs and what their best option would be to move plans forward for the lights.

“One of the things I would want to do is get with someone from the fire department to see if there were any areas where we want to either look at getting better lighting because if you’re going to replace a fixture, you’re going to want something with a higher payment hour that gives us better lighting,” Murray said.