Town approves a new website

The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara Town of Glen board members, Thomas J. Murray, left, Kirk Field, Supervisor John Thomas, Ron Crewell and Russel Kelly, right, during their regular meeting on Monday.

GLEN — Town Board members unanimously passed a resolution to allow the planning board to move forward with developing a town of Glen website.

There to present the website proposal were planning board members Tim Reilly and Sandra Hemstreet.

Hemstreet said she spoke with the Montgomery County database administrator Deborah Chan who hosts websites. Some of the local areas the county hosts websites for include the towns of Charleston, Root and Canajoharie.

“There’s no cost to the town to do that,” Hemstreet said. “It’s a legitimate web page they’re managing for us. We just have to give them information to post.”

The town’s website will be mobile friendly and will meet the American with Disabilities Act’s requirements.

“They can get it up and running in two weeks time for us,” Hemstreet said. “They have the platform in place. The thing we have to [do] is pick the color scheme.”

Hemstreet said what the planning board is most interested in when it comes to the town website is in addition to housing their meeting minutes the way they currently do, they could also have the meeting minutes displayed on the website.

The town board, zoning board or any other departments could also use the website to post meeting minutes.

“People want to go out and see what’s going on,” Hemstreet said. “I know transparency has been a concern and I think that would help to alleviate quite a bit of that because people would have access to it in any manner they feel appropriate for them to get to it.”

Any information the town would want on the website would have to be sent to Chan as a word document or as a PDF and she will post it on the site for the town.

However, the town would not be accessing the website themselves and not everyone would have access to give Chan information to put on the website. Hemstreet said Supervisor John Thomas would have to provide a list of certain people who would have permission to do so.

“None of us would be accessing it ourselves, which I think is good, but we would have to be the ones that would be able to submit it,” Hemstreet said.

The resolution was passed and Thomas told Hemstreet and Reilly they could pick the color scheme for the website. He pointed out that they were both wearing green shirts.