Turkey Farm Road two-vehicle car accident leads to serious injuries

Keith Canary’s 2017 Buick Enclave is shown above. Canary suffered some injuries when another vehicle crashed into his. (Photo submitted)

MAYFIELD — A two-vehicle car accident that occurred on Wednesday, May 23, at the intersection of Route 29 and Route 29A, also known as Turkey Farm Road, led to serious injuries and damage done to the vehicles.

According to the accident report, the accident was caused by a vehicle driven by Patrick J. Alvarez, of Amsterdam who collided with a car being driven by Keith C. Canary, of Gloversville.

Alvarez had been traveling southbound on Route 29A while Canary was traveling westbound on Route 29. Alvarez was allegedly driving too fast when he failed to stop at a red light located at the intersection. He had took a shallow left turn at a high speed going eastbound in the westbound lane and colliding with Canary on his passenger side and continued off the roadway to the south shoulder where his car came to rest. Meanwhile Canary went airborne and was spun around and came to rest facing east in the eastbound lane.

According to the police report, Alvarez fled the scene of the accident. State police public information officer Mark Cepiel said the day after the accident, a relative called to say where Alvarez was and he was taken in to be interviewed.

Alvarez received multiple charges including reckless driving, leaving the scene personal injury automotive accident, speed not reasonable, failing to stop at a red signal, improper left turn, and no seat belt.

Canary said his injuries include a broken right hand, bruised ribs, pulled back muscles and severe whiplash.