Sawyer Rocks Sherman’s fest

‘The Voice’ winner puts on a set for the Caroga Lake Music Festival

Sawyer Fredericks performing at Sherman's Amusement Park in Caroga on Friday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

CAROGA — Fans of all kinds made their way to Sherman’s Amusement Park on Friday to see Sawyer Fredericks, the 2015 winner of NBC’s “The Voice,” perform.

Longtime fans since Fredericks’s appearance on the show, Alyssa Hight, Melissa Eagles and Judy Link came from Dolgeville to see him perform.

“I just like to listen to him,” Hight said. She described Fredericks as an old soul with a beautiful voice.

Amanda and Alexis Phillip travel in from Little Falls to see Fredericks play.

Fredericks’ concert is part of the Sherman’s Revival Series, and it also kicked off the Caroga Lake Music Festival.

Bobby Brignola dances to music by Flame, who performed before Sawyer Fredericks on Friday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

“It’s wonderful, and I’m happy to be here because it’s close to home,” Fredericks said.

Fredericks recently held a world premier for his new “Gasoline” music video, along with a concert, on June 3 at the Glove Performing Arts Center in Gloversville.

“It went really well,” Fredericks said. “We had a good turnout. The theatre was lovely. They brought in a bunch of really good sound equipment, we had caterers come it. It was awesome.

As the Sherman’s Amusement park concert was an outdoor venue, Fredericks said he liked, “the kind of festival vibe that this has, but my music also caters to a room more just because my music is more intimate,” he said of playing in an indoor venue.

This summer Fredericks will be touring for his new album “Hide Your Ghost.”

Maya Page, left, Emalee Broekhum, and Alanah Wilson, right, pose for photo during the Sawyer Fredericks concert in Caroga on Friday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

“I’m looking forward to going on tour just because it’s a fun thing to do,” Fredericks said. “Now that [the] ‘Hide Your Ghost’ album is released, I’ll actually have something to be able to share with the people when they come to shows.”

Fredericks said fans comments on his new album have been positive.

“So far I’ve been getting nothing but good responses from the new album, and just all my music, and [I’ve] played at shows. And a lot of times I introduce new songs at shows.”

Since winning “The Voice” in 2015, Fredericks feels his writing style has developed quite a bit.

“Going through ‘The Voice’ I was actually going through a big voice change and now it’s starting to settle in a little bit, so I’m getting a little bit more power back in,” Fredericks said. “How I progressed, I’d say I just picked up a lot of traits as I went through the show. And after the show I was working with a lot of different musicians.”

Flame performs at Sherman's Amusement Park in Caroga on Friday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

In five to 10 years Fredericks said he hopes to be releasing more music and touring more.

Throughout the concert Fredericks played songs off his album, “Hide Your Ghosts,” along with some songs off the “A Good Storm” album and a few he performed while on “The Voice.”

“In my solo set I just kind of change up some things and take suggestions,” Fredericks said.

During his solo set, one popular song suggested by the concert goers that Fredericks sang was “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” which he also performed on “The Voice.”

Some concert goers who didn’t really know Fredericks attended the concert for fun.

Amanda Phillips dances with Alexis Phillips. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

Jim Wallace and Cathy Wallace, of Caroga, came for “a night out.”

Jim Wallace said he could remember going to Sherman’s Amusement Park when he was younger.

“When we were children this was a big place,” Jim Wallace said. “It was crowded here every Saturday.”

Cathy Wallace said she would often go on the ferris wheel and eat cotton candy, or swim at the beach.

Hank Bromirski, a big country music fan who has lived in Caroga for 16 years, also doesn’t know Fredericks music that well, but was glad to see the event at Sherman’s.

National Summer Cello Institute performs at Sherman's Amusement Park on Friday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O'Hara)

“I’d consider this the biggest event that they probably had in Caroga Lake in my 16 years,” Bromirski said. “I’m glad to see it and I hope we have more.”

Other longtime fans wished Fredericks the best.

“I hope he has great success,” said Carol Jean Scholl. “I hope he does well, and I hope this helps him to catapult to where he wants to be.”