FMCC to convert parking lot to ‘green space’

JOHNSTOWN — Portions of crumbling parking lots on the outskirts of the Fulton Montgomery Community College campus will be converted to green space.

FMCC Trustee James Landrio related to the board during the May 17 meeting that several parking lot areas that had begun to “disintegrate” would be converted to green space due to the cost necessary to repair the lots in comparison to their actual use.

“It isn’t worth us trying to bring them back to operation,” Landrio said.

Replacement of various parking lot surfaces was included on an early draft of the school’s 2018-2022 facility master plan with a medium priority level for the existing conditions and needs list.

FMCC President Dustin Swanger said the college was in the final stages of developing the master plan that will focus on high impact capital projects to counteract the long term trends impacting the college’s enrollment in his end-of-year memo that was released during the meeting.

The school’s stated intent for the master plan is to support the vision for the institution while examining existing conditions and facility and institutional needs in conjunction with cost estimates.

Following the meeting Swanger said roughly forty parking spaces in the student lots on the edges of the campus are slated for conversion. He noted that the spaces are located beyond where students actually park.

“There’s no sense in doing that right now, paving what’s going to be empty spaces,” Swanger said. “It is in fact a pragmatic response, you’d be surprised what it costs to pave a parking lot.”

With no board members objecting to the plan, Landrio said the work converting the deteriorating parking areas to green space would begin shortly.