Six-year capital plan approved

JOHNSTOWN — The city Water Board on Tuesday approved a six-year capital plan for the city Water Department.

“This is a six-year plan we always have to put together,” board Vice President George DiMarco said Friday.

Board approval of the $765,000 plan came Tuesday night at the board offices. A big component of the plan deals with the ongoing project for rehabilitation of the Cork Center Reservoir Dam.

“There’s really just the construction of the dam project,” DiMarco said.

The Water Board official also said there is some engineering work planned for the spillway portion of the project.

About $500,000 is contained in the plan for all the remaining work, which includes ongoing design and construction administration costs related to the dam project, DiMarco said.

City water officials and the Common Council during the spring and summer authorized an $864,583 agreement with Carver Construction Inc. of the town of Ephratah for the dam rehabilitation project.

Cork Center, a slow sand filtration plant, is the city of Johnstown Water Department’s main reservoir. It is located between Route 29 and Watershed Road in the town of Johnstown. The reservoir dam has accumulated steep grading and there has been consistently poor drainage at the site.

The 100-year-old dam lies about five miles outside the city in the town of Johnstown.

Workers will be sloping the banks back. Major spillway work is being done as well.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation found erosion and seepage at the Cork Center dam during an inspection in April 2012.

During the next six years, DiMarco said the plan includes: $110,000 for a partial roof for the filtration plant, an estimated $120,000 for a new dump truck, and $35,000 for the purchase of a pickup truck.

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