Rezoning of Pan-Am site advised

GLOVERSVILLE – The city Planning Board is recommending the city change the zoning at the former Pan-American Tannery site on West Fulton Street from residential to manufacturing.

The Common Council may decide on the recommendation Tuesday.

The change, approved by the city Planning Board on Thursday, would lead to quicker cleanup of the site, officials said.

City Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones said the city has been working with the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the state Department of Health to make the site available for new development.

The Fulton County Planning Board earlier this week also recommended the council rezone the property.

Jones said the property at 312 W. Fulton St. is about 4.8 acres and originally was zoned as a manufacturing site. The zoning was changed to a residential classification in 2002.

Jones said the zoning changes must be completed by March 31. If not, the DEC will take no further steps to complete a study of the property until next year.

“Unfortunately, all the city’s ducks have to be in a row by March 31 because these things go on the state fiscal year, and basically, what they are telling me, is if we don’t have this done by then, the entire project will sit for a year,” Jones said. “We are trying to get the zoning put back to the way it was prior to 2002 so that we can finish this project.”

He said if the zoning is completed in time, the city will be able to complete the Pan Am project this year.

“We will demo the buildings, we will install the cap and we will have something reasonable and decent looking for the neighbors that live up there,” he said.

He said the soil cap only will be necessary on the vegetated and exposed soil areas.

“What we basically will have after this is completed is a better-looking site and a plan with all the “do’s and don’ts” stating these are the things that can be done with the site,” Jones said. “I think realistically nothing will happen there for a long time. If you can get it looking good for the neighbors living there, for a small city like us, you have done well.”

In another proposed zoning change, the city council will consider rezoning a city block.

The change would include six properties: 8 Frontage Road, 49 Spring St., 83 Bleecker St., 40 Church St., 30 Church St. and 52 Church St.

A city resident wants to turn a building on Spring Street into a primary residence, but it is zoned for manufacturing. Because the city cannot have “spot zoning,” the council would have to change the zoning for the entire block.

The county and city planning boards are neutral on the change and see no regional effect from it.