Albany airport releases update

ALBANY — The Albany International Airport has not been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak as of March 16 for the level of air service, according to a news release.

The AIA has been advised by some of its airlines that a reduction in service commensurate with passenger volume is under consideration.

The preliminary figures are showing passenger traffic at AIA has dropped by as much as 50 percent.

The Airport Authority meets on a daily basis with department heads and the Transportation Security Administration to review airport operations as they relate to the coronavirus and both agencies continue to follow the most recent federal state and local directives.

The TSA is providing travelers with updated information on the virus. The travelers are advised to check the TSA website at: http://www.tsa.gov/coronavirus.

The airport and TSA staff continue to maintain a schedule of disinfecting and cleaning surfaces within the airport.

The airport concessions remain open to service travelers.

The John J. McKenna IV Military Courtesy Room has closed due to restrictions military travel.


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