Water bills mailed, payments now due

GLOVERSVILLE — The City of Gloversville Water Department mailed water and sewer bills to District 3 residents on Nov. 1.

District 3 is located south of East and West Fulton Street.

Payments may be made in person at the water department office, 67-73 S. Main St. or mailed to the department at 67-73 S. Main St., Gloversville, NY 12078

Payments may also be made online at www.gloversvillewater.com and by phone by calling (844) 667-8277. Credit and debit cards will be accepted with a 2.1 percent plus a 25 cent fee per transaction. E-checks accepted with a $1 fee per transaction.

To avoid penalty, customers must make payment by Dec. 6.

If customers have a major piping failure and would like to be considered for a bill adjustment, they must submit an application to the Water Department within 30 days from their billing date.

All applications for relief are subject to approval based on criteria set forth by the Board of Water Commissioners and the Gloversville Wastewater Treatment Facility.

If residents not going to be home for a lengthy amount of time, especially in the winter, the department advises that they have the department turn the water off at the street to prevent any pipes from breaking, resulting in an expensive water bill. Furthermore, having little or no heat in a basement can cause pipes to burst in the winter, which will also result in a high bill and/or a frozen meter that will cost a $50 fee to replace.

New water meters are being installed in the district. If a resident has not set up an appointment to replace an old meter, call the office ASAP. The department is having mechanical issues with old meters, which may result in them shutting down. If a meter stops, the department will have to estimate bills until a new meter is installed.

When the department estimates a bill, it is estimated based on prior usage. If a resident has used considerably more water in this billing period, next bill may be high due to estimating too low. It is important that residents contact the department to get a new meter installed to avoid having their bills estimated.

Residents may call the office at (518) 773-4520 with any questions.