Ideas on how to lower your risk of bringing bedbugs home

Bedbugs are not an issue of poverty or age nor one of being dirty or clean. They are a global issue that effects everyone’s health, said Ellie DiScioscia, director of the Gloversville Senior Center. Bedbugs are being found in all areas of the public with no known full proof way to guarantee one won’t experience them in one way or another. Bedbugs are great hitchhikers with most people are not even aware of their presents. Bedbugs prefer fabric such as clothes and furniture. They feed and can be seen in the day and night hours.

There are some things that each one can do to help reduce the chances of encountering bedbugs at home. One’s best defense in avoiding these insects invading their home starts at the boarder of walking in their own front door.

Here is a list of some ideas to help reduce the possibilities of bringing bedbugs home:

∫ When out in the public, be aware of your surroundings. Look around and be observant. If any insects are noticed, notify someone in charge immediately.

∫ Do not place or pile belongings on community coat racks, shelves or chairs.

∫ When in public, sit on non-fabric seating — metal setting is best.

∫ Use a flashlight to check one’s clothes and body when arriving home or better yet carefully change clothes upon entering home.

∫ When possible, wash clothes immediately after removal. If not possible, bag all clothing items in a tightly closed bag to wash as soon as availability allows. After washing, dry clothing on very high heat for at least 20 minutes or more.

∫ Don’t put personal belongings down on fabric area in public such as chairs, carpeted floors, seats, etc. The best suggestion is to leave items such as pocketbooks, book bags, and extra sweaters or jackets at home. If anyone has a vehicle, leave them out of sight in the truck or under the seat.

∫ Limit the amount of visitors inside one’s home. Request that the guests not bring in any pocketbooks, book bags or luggage.

∫ Inspect and wash with soap and hot water all new or used clothing and furniture items prior to bring home.

∫ Vacuum and clean the home on a regular basis. Check entire bed and wash sheets and bedding often. Keep home free of clutter. This will help in detecting a bedbug problem sooner.

If anyone does find any bedbugs on themselves or at home, immediately contact a reputable exterminator and public health or health care provider. They will be able to assist.