Nick Stoner Seniors to meet on Tuesday

CAROGA LAKE — The Nick Stoner Seniors have been busy.

On Nov. 28, the seniors went to the fifth grade at Wheelerville Union Free School and had a meet and greet with their penpals in their classroom. The refreshments were served and the seniors talked with the penpals.

On Dec. 4, the group held its annual Christmas luncheon followed by a meeting at the club. Barbara Belton said grace and “The Lord’s Prayer” before lunch. Grace Eglin opened the meeting at 12:55 p.m. The committee consisted of Jean Griffin , Martha Mongato, Barbara McFee, Dottie Richeson and Dottie Blowers.

McFee made two cookie trays for door prizes and they were won by Donna Frank and Vicky Hayner. Eglin presented Don Travis, the town custodian, with a gift of appreciation for all he does for the club.

The guest speaker was Hayner, who discussed the new guidelines of the Star Program for seniors that will take place next year.

Marion Snell gave the secretary’s report and Shirley Holliday gave the treasury report and they were accepted as read.

Griffin gave the hospitality report. The refreshment committee for the Tuesday meeting will be Dave Nilsen and Myrtle Dermott.

Mary Lou Paterson gave the sunshine report. She sent out seven cards this month.

Janice McLaughlin gave the pen pal report.

Sharon Fenstermaker took attendance and sold raffle tickets. There were 26 members and four guests present.

The meeting adjourned. After the meeting, there was a raffle. The winners were Joyce Barrett and Hayner.