Kateri Shrine to host Nativity scene

FONDA — The St. Kateri Shrine, 3636 Route 5, will hold a Nativity service titled “The Baby Who Changed Everything” at 4 p.m. on Sunday patterned on a medieval event created by St. Francis of Assisi.

The celebration will be held outside in the dark and cold to remind people of the faith Joseph and Mary had in God’s desire for them and for us as his chosen children, according to a news release. Grassman Hall, where the program will be televised, will be open for those who prefer to participate in warmth and light.

In the year 1224, in the town of Greccio, Italy, St. Francis re-created the birth of Jesus Christ. At his invitation, the townspeople gathered outside at sundown and sang hymns, listened to the Gospel Nativity story at a simple manger surrounded by livestock.

Coffee and hot chocolate will be available. Participants may bring Christmas desserts to share.

For more information, call Rita Gullion at (518) 853-3646 or email her at rita.katerishrine@gmail.com.