Lawmakers approve land buy

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County lawmakers on Tuesday approved purchasing roughly 75 acres of land from a private property owner adjacent to the county landfill for $125,000 for possible future development.

The Board of Supervisors authorized Chairman James Groff to execute a real estate purchase agreement for that amount with property owners Jason and Diana Snell.

The property was listed as adjacent to the Fulton County Department of Solid Waste, located at 587 Mud Road in the town of Johnstown. The resolution approved at the County Office Building indicated the owners provided a “written commitment” to sell their property to the county for $125,000.

Officials said the 74.7-acre parcel — including a house and outbuildings — borders the landfill.

Department Director David Rhodes recommended purchasing the property as a “buffer zone for the landfill and for potential future development.” The landfill was opened by the county in 1989, but has decades of site life remaining.

To make the purchase, the county has to transfer $125,000 from a landfill depreciation account to unreserved fund balance.

In another property matter, the board on Tuesday directed County Treasurer Terry Blodgett to issue a certificate of restoration for taxes for a parcel in the town of Oppenheim, effectively reinstating the vacant landlocked parcel to a taxable status. The parcel had been on the county’s tax sale auction on several occasions with no one purchasing it.

The adjoining property owner, Christopher Louden, submitted a letter to the county stating he was interested in purchasing the vacant parcel at a cost of $300, plus closing costs.

“They were willing to pay a little more than the county thought,” said county Administrative Officer Jon Stead.

Action by the board not only reinstated the parcel to taxable status, but authorized to sell the parcel to Louden.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at