Glen-Mohawk group to meet Tuesday

Dorris Hersey, left, and her mother Eva Hoffman, right, age 103, attended the Glen-Mohawk Seniors trip to Lancaster, Pa. (Photo submitted)

FONDA — The Glen-Mohawk Seniors had a game day Tuesday, hosted by President Alan Buck with 20 people in attendance. Checkers Out Speedway Restaurant prepared the pizzas for the party. Gretha Russell and Shirley Yermas helped with serving. Lois Collins called for the bingo games while Alan Buck conducted the left-center-right games.

The other members were traveling on the group’s tour to Lancaster, Pa. Among the 20 taking the bus tour were Dorris Hersey and her mother, Eva Hoffman, who is 103 years old.

Addie Forsey announced that the singing and dancing children’s group will be the entertainment at the next meeting, on Tuesday, at the Fonda Reformed Church.

The meetings begin at 10:30 a.m. with a social hour preceding. The membership is open to anyone over 55 years of age.