Fonda High Alumni holds its banquet

FONDA — The Fonda High School Alumni Association recently held its 33rd annual banquet at the Winner’s Circle. D. Dorine Dimond, president of the class of 1946 welcomed 30 alumni and guests.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Celia Case Furbur gave the invocation with a moment of silence for the departed members. The roll call of classes was read by Florence Coons Giuffre. The earliest class represented was 1946 attended by Lois Lotridge Collins, D. Dorine Dimond, James Friers, Lois Moynihan and Edith Murdock Thomson celebrating their 72nd anniversary. The 1953 class celebrating their 65th anniversary were Ronald Collins, Gail Parry Rawls and Janice Blackwood Walsh.

The scholarship report was given by Dimond who introduced the winner, Lyle Nare, who was accompanied by his parents, Terri and Dennis Nare. The other winners were Cescelee Brand and Alyson Shirley. A list of the contributors to the scholarship fund was read.

The evening ended with the Alma Mater being sung.

The banquet for next year will be held on July 20, 2019.