NLH volunteers, auxillary honored

GLOVERSVILLE– Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home gathered at the Holiday Inn in Johnstown, June 3 to honor Nathan Littauer’s auxiliary and volunteers. Approximately 40 members attended the “Appreciation Thank You Luncheon,” according to a news release.

Littauer’s Director of Volunteer Services Susan McNeil welcomed everyone at the luncheon stating, “It is such a joy to be here with all of you. I have missed you all, so much. This is our first gathering since 2021, and I am very happy we can be here together.”

“I am honored to be your president. It is with a heavy heart though, as we miss our past president and friend, Norma Cozzolino,” said Littauer auxiliary interim president, voted president by auxiliary members, Anita Beck. “Norma was a ‘hands-on’ president. She was creative, and independent. She helped out in all events, activities, and fundraisers. She even filled in for the blood drives, the information desk, helped with lobby sales, made baskets for the first baby born at Littauer and her spirit for Staff Appreciation Day at Littauer was unwavering.”

Beck added, “We have plans for the rest of 2021. During COVID restrictions, we changed our lobby sales to online shopping; we are having our “Card/Game Fundraiser” in the fall; we will be able to have our September membership, and our November luncheon meeting. Despite many challenges, we just keep on going.”

Littauer President and CEO Sean Fadale addressed the auxiliary and volunteers for the first time as a group, due to COVID restrictions keeping them apart. Fadale thanked the auxiliary and volunteers for their continued support of the hospital and nursing home.

“We are a strong, independent hospital, and I want Nathan Littauer to be employer of choice and the first choice for patients in our region,” Fadale said. “Our primary care centers around our area are vital. We recently partnered with Albany Medical Center, opening a primary care and urgent care services in Amsterdam. We are excited about having our volunteers back in our hospital and nursing home; yet, we are still under restrictions in various areas. Every day we are making progress and we look forward to when we can have our auxiliary and volunteers back at full capacity.”

McNeil and Beck closed the afternoon jointly, thanking everyone for coming and expressed excitement, as the Nathan Littauer auxiliary and volunteers look forward to getting back together and helping the hospital and nursing home’s patients, residents, and employees.


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