Lexington to host weekend camps for young adults, and teens with autism disorder

MAYFIELD — Lexington Center’s Transitions Program will be hosting weekend camps for teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorder and other learning differences.

Camps in Mayfield start this weekend for high school students and young adults with autism and learning differences. The camps allow individuals to experience independence, learn to live with roommates, and create lasting friendships.

A Lexington news release indicated that Transitions, a premier program designed to advance college and career success for young adults with autism spectrum disorders and other learning differences, is hosting weekend camps at its facility off Route 30. The condensed sessions are designed to inspire students to become more independent and build confidence in living a fulfilled and productive life.

Attendees experience a wide variety of engaging programming including, seminars in leadership, social skills, wellness, advocacy and other topics, an informative interview process to assess support needs, enrichment classes in music, theater and art. Additionally, attendees participate in skill building activities, which include kayaking, bowling, cooking and more.

“Not only do the students learn valuable skills and secure will show lasting friendships, but they also discover their strengths and niche in life,” said Penny Rivenburg, senior director, Transitions USA. “Our ultimate goal is to ensure our students are fully prepared for the next step in their lives and successful in the things most important to them, when the time comes for them to leave our program.”

Sessions are scheduled for the upcoming dates: Saturday through Sunday; July 23 through 25; Aug. 13 throguh 15; Sept. 24 through 26; Oct. 22 through 24; Nov. 19 through 21; Dec. 3 through 5.

The release said mini camps cost $325 for the weekend, inclusive of overnight accommodations and meals. To learn more, call (518) 775-5384 or email info@transitionsusa.org.

About Transitions: Transitions is a program of Lexington that prepares teens and young adults with autism and learning differences for college, careers and life. This demographic often needs extra preparation before they can live independently and achieve success in higher education and careers. Transitions developed a curriculum crafted from evidence-based programs and grounded in internationally recognized approaches that will set students on the path toward success. The Transitions curriculum and learning environments are specially tailored to give all students equal opportunities to learn and thrive.

To learn more, visit or call (518) 518-775-5384, www.transitionsusa.org, or email admissions@transitionsusa.org.


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