National Quilting Day baby honored with quilt

Shown is baby Harley with her new quilt gifted by St. Mary’s Healthcare and Sew Busy Quilt Guild. (Photo submitted)

AMSTERDAM — National Quilting Day was recently celebrated at The Birthplace at St. Mary’s Healthcare with a presentation of a hand-crafted quilt given to newborn baby, Harley, and her mother.

National Quilting Day occurs on the third Saturday in March. Traditionally, a quilt is given to the first baby born on that day and this year it was baby Harley.

A quilt was once again provided by the Sew Busy Quilt Guild, located in Gloversville. In previous years, an on-site presentation would be conducted by the Guild, however; due to COVID restrictions, the quilt was presented on behalf of the Sew Busy Quilt Guild to Harley and her mother by the Birthing Center staff.

The quilt design was composed of a colorful mix of green, orange, and blue with an illustration of a whale in the center.

The St. Mary’s Birthing Center staff look forward every year to the presentation and the chance to admire the amazing handiwork of the Sew Busy Quilt Guild.


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