The future of cleaning webinar

AMSTERDAM — The Hill & Markes, wholesale distributor in Amsterdam, is partnering with experts in the sanitation industry on how the Internet of things, touchless technology, and robotics enhances operational and restroom efficiencies, according to a news release.

What does the future of cleaning look like? This webinar, at 10 a.m. Tuesday, will discuss how to maximize the cleaning programs and reduce labor with data-driven cleaning. Lance Marlow, KOLO specialist at Georgia Pacific, and Dave Bonacquisti, manager at Tennant Company, will be presenting on touchless technology and dispensing systems, as well as floor-care robotic cleaners.

The internet of things will increasingly play a larger role in the cleaning industry as facilities look to increase efficiencies by transferring data over a network, allowing staff to focus on high-value tasks throughout the day. This will allow you transform your cleaning programs to avoid spending extending periods of time on lower-impact responsibilities. For instance, checking up on dispensing refills. Through intuitive robotic products, your staff can reduce training time, and maintain a high standard of cleaning that safely works alongside employees in real, complex environments.

Businesses interested in wanting to know how to increase cleaning efficiencies at their facility should register for the webinar: How (IoT) Internet of Things and Robotics Enhances Cleaning.

Register at www.hillnmarkes.com/backtobusiness.


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