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TROY — The William G. Pomeroy Foundation and the Museum Association of New York announce a third round of the Pomeroy Fund for New York State History to provide an additional $50,000 in grants in a continuation of rapid response to history-related organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a news release.

This third round of funding will be a matching grant for invited 501(c)(3) history-related organizations with operating budgets of $150,000 or less to raise up to $6,000 that will be matched with up to $3,000 by the Pomeroy Fund for NYS History. These grants are intended to help with expenses incurred by museums to reopen safely under New York guidelines, help multiply funding, grow their donor base, and find new avenues of support.

The organizations with accepted matching grant proposals will be notified on July 29, and invited to launch their fundraising campaign with the Pomeroy Fund’s commitment to match funds at a 1:2 ratio. For every $2 raised (up to $6,000), the Pomeroy Fund will grant $1 up to $3,000. All donations must be received by Oct. 1, to count toward the fundraising goal.

“This is a critical moment for history organizations as they begin to reopen,” said Bill Pomeroy, founder and trustee of the Pomeroy Foundation. “The intention of this grant round is twofold: Supporting a safe reopening process and helping organizations gain additional funds vital for stability and growth in the time ahead. Individuals and communities alike can have an impact.”

The deadline to apply is 5 p.m., Wednesday (July 15).

To begin an application or to learn more, visit the Pomeroy Fund webpage at: https://nysmuseums.org/Pomeroy-Fund-for-NYS-History/

The grant applications will be reviewed by a panel that includes MANY board members, MANY staff and Pomeroy Foundation staff. The grants are available to all qualified organizations; an organization does not have to be a member of MANY to receive funding, nor will preference be given to MANY members.


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