Safe Haven signs now hang in Gloversville

GLOVERSVILLE — These signs are saving infant lives! The baby safe haven signs are displayed around Gloversville to inform citizens of their designated baby safe haven locations.

“Safe havens offer mothers options; especially when she feels like she doesn’t have them,” says Maureen Mosher, manager of maternal child health with Nathan Littauer. “We’re proud to be one of these baby safe havens at Littauer.”

In 2000, President and Director of the New York State AMT Children of Hope Foundation, Captain Timothy Jaccard, helped author the Safe Haven Bill’s passing in New York state. This bill’s passing allows individuals in crisis with an option to safely relinquish an infant at a hospital, fire station, police station, or with any responsible individual without legal repercussions.

As a national law, the Gloversville Police Department, the Gloversville Fire Department, and Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home all participate in providing birthmothers support; giving the mothers options to: parent their child, make an adoption plan through a licensed adoption agency, or give them the choice of relinquishment through the Safe Haven law.

Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home is a safe haven. For more information about Nathan Littauer’s policy and procedures, please call Maureen Mosher at (518) 773-5494 For more information about the National Safe Haven Alliance, please contact: (623) 428-1308. If you are attempting to contact the crisis hotline, they can be reached at: 1 (888) 510-BABY (2229)


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