FMCC dean’s list

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton-Montgomery Community College announced the following students have been recognized by the college with the inclusion of their names to the dean’s list for fall 2019.

Katherine Aesch of Amsterdam; Adnan Ahmed of New York City; Farooq Ahmodu of Brooklyn; Sebah Alak, Tiahna Aldi and Cameron Allen, all of Gloversville; Abigail Ambridge, Johnstown; Margaret Ambrosino, Joseph Amsinger and Katherine Angeles, all of Gloversville; Jordan Araya of Fonda; Joanie Arocho of Amsterdam; Eliza Ashe of Gloversville; Ronald Baker of Fort Edward; AnnaBella Ball and Alexander Balogh, both of Gloversville; Sarah Banks of Fonda; Jonas Barkevich and Johan Barquero, both of Amsterdam; Noah Batease of Gloversville; Kala Battisti of Palatine Bridge; Kristianna Battisti of Fultonville; Rebecca Battisti of St. Johnsville; Monique Beam of Canajoharie; Nadene Becker of Amsterdam; Dominique Bell of Ballston Spa; Vanessa Bellamy of Amsterdam; Broc Bellinger of Johnstown; Richard Bellinger and Albert Bertos, both of Gloversville; Emily Bertrand of Scotia; Emma Biche of Northville; Kyle Biel of Johnstown; Michael Blazquez of Amsterdam; Madison Blood of Johnstown; Quinten Boehme of Broadalbin; Stephanie Boulware of Gloversville; Jake Bowles, Noah Bowne and Moriah Boyd, all of Johnstown; Mackenzie Boyer of Sprakers; Todd Briggs of Northville; Lindsay Brockhum of Caroga Lake; Darcy Bromley of St. Johnsville; Caliope Brower of Gloversville; Catherine Brumagim-Motyka of Amsterdam; Hayley Bruse of Johnstown; James Buckley and Caleb Bulger, both of Gloversville; Isabel Bullis of Fultonville; Colin Bump and Blake Butler, both of Johnstown; Jenna Buyce of Amsterdam; Juliana Buyce of Gloversville; Kristen Camino of Gloversville; James Carey of Pownal, Vt.; Samantha Carlson of Gloversville; Declan Carpenter of Fultonville; Katie Carpenter of Amsterdam; Amirah Carsno of Broadalbin; Kasey Carter of Fort Johnson; Jacob Cerasuolo of Johnstown; Marlon Cervantes of Bayambang; Noah Champlin of Johnstown; Jennifer Chapin and Siyue Chen, both of Amsterdam; Lawrence Chest of Fultonville; Avery Cheyne of St. Johnsville; Olivia Chilluffo of Dolgeville; Alejandro Christopher of Amsterdam; Stacey Chung of Saratoga Springs; Rian Clouser of Fort Johnson; Gavin Clute of Northville; John Coddington, Morgen Colbeth and Emma Cole, all of Amsterdam; Jerame Cole of Gloversville; Madison Cole of Amsterdam; Jordan Colley of Gloversville; Anthony Combs of Troy; Brian Conway of Latham; Morgan Coons, Dakota Corapi and Vicki Corapi, all of Johnstown; Michael Countryman of Fort Plain; Connor Courtoies of Fonda; Dominique Coyle of Amsterdam; James Cramer of Gloversville; Ryan Crooker of Johnstown; Aubrianna Crowe of Amsterdam; Melany Crowley of Altamont; Chasity Cruz of Amsterdam; Carly Csontos of Clifton Park; Tatianna Curry of Gloversville; Nicholas Cusack of Fultonville; Lane Daley of Gloversville; Robert Damasco of Amsterdam; Abby DelCostello of Johnstown; Andrea Denney of Gloversville; Marcus DeRose of Amsterdam; Dakota Dery of Galway; Nicole Deyo of Amsterdam; Brianna DiCaprio of Pattersonville; Dakota Dingman of Fort Plain; Megan Dion of Gloversville; Kacy Dominique and Kody Dominique, both of Broadalbin; Ashley Doney of Fort Plain; Sarah Donovan, Bryce Dorman and Tia Doty, all of Amsterdam; Hayleigh Dreaney-Power of Johnstown; Craig Dufel of Amsterdam; Rane Dutcher of Gloversville; SaMia Eason of Gloversville; Carly Eglin of Amsterdam; Christina Ellison and Alexandria Evens, both of Gloversville; Courtney Eyster of Amsterdam; Christion Falzarine of Gloversville; Leo Farda of Johnstown; Christa Fernandez of Fultonville; Thomas Fink of Cohoes; Alexis Fisher of Johnstown; Dakota Fisher of Broadalbin; Tanya Flores of Amsterdam; Isaac Folmsbee of Canajoharie; Nicole Folmsbee of Sprakers; Alayna Forker-Hester of Gloversville; Staysha Forsey of Fultonville; Kenneth Fortune and Jaime Foss, both of Schenectady; Karlie Foster of Northville; Alessandra Gaetano of Amsterdam; William Galster and Abigail Gargiulo, both of Gloversville; Kiley Garrigan of Mayfield; Kira Gibson of Gloversville; Abigail Gies of Canajoharie; Seth Gifford of Pattersonville; Cameron Gilligan of Amsterdam; Hannah Gizara of Ballston Spa; Brendon Gladman of Broadalbin; Shawn Glionna of Gloversville; Siew Goh of Johnstown; Ariana Gonzalez of Amsterdam; Sydney Goodier of Gloversville; Hannah Gossoo of Naples, N.Y.; Xzavier Graham-Vasquez of Amsterdam; Jacob Grant of Gloversville; Makayla Gray of Johnstown; Michelle Grcic of Little Falls; William Greco-Blowers of Gloversville; Alicia Green of Johnstown; Tristan Grisel and Emma Guisti, both of Amsterdam; Claire Guzielek of Johnstown; Preston Hadley of Broadalbin; Stacey Hagadorn of Gloversville; Jordyn Hale of Johnstown; Novina Hallmark of South Glens Falls; Kaylee Hampton of Mayfield; Colleen Handy-Rowback of Gloversville; Jordan Hanna of Fonda; Kelsey Hanna of Johnstown; Hunter Hanrahan of Tribes Hill; Jenna Hanson of Fonda; Jack Hart of Amsterdam; Kimberly Hastings of Gloversville; Jackson Haverly of Johnstown; Natasha Hayes of Mayfield; Nolan Hayes and Zachary Hayes, both of Johnstown; Nathan Hazelton of Amsterdam; Madison Healy of Mayfield; Jennifer Henderson of Fonda; Grace Henk of Glenville; Tabitha Henzel of Gloversville; Jordan Herron of Johnstown; Jeffrey Heuser of Ballston Spa; Hunter Hill of St. Johnsville; Jacqueline Hilliard of Broadalbin; Rebecca Hillman of Gloversville; Danielle Hines of Johnstown; Jacob Holland of Broadalbin; Amari Hollingsworth and Trey Holloway, both of Amsterdam; Joan Hopkins of Carlisle; Diane Howell of Canajoharie; Michael Hughes, Dannie Hunt, and Edward Hurst, all of Amsterdam; Crystal Hutchins of Edinburg; Genevieve Iannacone of Broadalbin; Brittanie Ingalls of Amsterdam; Kara Insogna of Caroga Lake; Bayley Irelan of Johnstown; Ryan Issa of Gloversville; Megan Izzo of Galway; Sarah Izzo of Amsterdam; Kendrick Jackson of Gloversville; Farha Jaffari of Amsterdam; Michelle James of Fonda; Chloe Jarrett and Morgan Jarrett, both of Gloversville; Crystal Jeffer of Fultonville; Gabriella Jenks of Fort Plain; Alexander Jennings of Johnstown; Lance Jennings of Broadalbin; Jun Hyeok Ji of Johnstown; Brittany Johnson of Gloversville; Jeannie Johnson of Pattersonville; Ulyara Johnson of Saratoga Springs; Madeleine Jones of Gloversville; Sydney Jones of Fonda; Kyle Jordan of Broadalbin; Daryl Kabasele of 7277 Kin1, ; Joseph Kalinowski of Gloversville; Takuya Kanda, Hachioji-City, ; Debbra Kane of Gloversville; Amanpreet Kang of Schenectady; Alexandra Karpinski of Gloversville; Sarara Kasatani of Johnstown; Alecsandar Kaszubski of Gloversville; Cheyenne Kearns of Gloversville; Jessica Kehn and Heather Keller, both of Amsterdam; Molly Kennedy Svolos of Johnstown; Omar Khalil of Salmiya, ; Tara Kilmartin of St. Johnsville; Emma Kilmer of Johnstown; Emily Kincheloe of Gloversville; Jennifer King of Gloversville; Mariah Kirk of Johnstown; Katherine Klare of Johnstown; Maria Klino of Canajoharie; Andrew Knauff of Amsterdam; Marco Kranjcec-Aird of Wells; Rachel Kronsberg of Schenectady; Sharon Kruger of Amsterdam; Julianne LaBreche of Galway; Emily Ladeau of Mayfield; LeAndra Lair of Gloversville; Seana Lamphear of Mayfield; Hannah Lamphere of St. Johnsville; Amy Lapratt of Johnstown; Daniel Leach and Gavin Lear, both of Gloversville; Anna LeClair of Altamont; Mackenzie Leggiero of Fultonville; Sarah Leonard of Dolgeville; Hailee Lesser of Amsterdam; Ryan Lewis of Fonda; Mackenzie Lindsay of Amsterdam; Ka Yuet Liu, Ma On Shan, ; Runze Liu of Amsterdam; Anthony Liuzzi of Northville; Katiuska Llaurador of Amsterdam; Marjorie Logan of Hagaman; Nina Lomanto of Gloversville; Tiana Lopez of Amsterdam; Asher Lopresti of Gloversville; Samantha Loucks of Caroga Lake; Sierra Luck, Sara Lynn, and Kalina Lyudmilova, all of Gloversville; Christopher Malara of Amsterdam; Xavier Maldonado of Mayfield; Angelina Mannino of Gloversville; Kristina Marotta of Amsterdam; Niaimani Marshall of Jersey City, N.J.; Amanda Martin of St. Johnsville: Gabrielle Martin and Riley Martin, both of Amsterdam, : Cierra Mason of Northville, : Zachary Maxson of Johnstown, : Heather Mayer of Fultonville, : Shane-Christian Mayer of Broadalbin, : Amanda Mazza of Gloversville, : Stephen McCarey of Glenville: Nateesha McClarren of Fonda: Kathleen McDermott of St. Johnsville: Brendan McGillin of Hagaman: Camryn Meca of Mayfield: Dennis Mendoza of Bronx: Christina Mercado of Amsterdam: Lindsay Meservey of Gloversville: Jaylan Mickus of Gloversville: Anthony Miller of Fultonville: Michael Miller of Johnstown: Sukkee Min, Gyeonggi-do, ; Zachary Monks of Broadalbin: William Montgomery of Schenectady: Hanna Moore of Fultonville: Carlos Morales of Amsterdam: Cristina Moreno Jacome of Saratoga Springs, ; Heather Morreale of Amsterdam: Cameron Morrison of Northville: Erin Morrison of Broadalbin: Evan Morse of Galway: Julian Mortzheim of Gloversville: Kelsey Mosher of Broadalbin: Kori Mott of Amsterdam: Melissa Muir of Gloversville: Marisa Mycek of Tribes Hill; Jocelyn Nellis of Johnstown: William Newcomb of Albany: Tyler Newkirk of Mayfield: Cao Lan Chi Nguyen, Bien Hoa; Chi Nguyen, Hai Phong, ; Tan Nguyen of Ballston Spa: Tanya Nicotera of St. Johnsville: Eric Noonan of Johnstown; Allison O’Connell of Lake Pleasant: Alexis Oliver of Gloversville: Shelby Opalka of Fort Johnson: Victor Orsell of Johnstown; Isabella Page of Fort Plain: Bryant Palmer of Amsterdam: Grace Palmer of Broadalbin: Lindsay Palmer of Carlisle: Madison Payne of St. Johnsville: Talia Peconie of Johnstown: Chanelle Pena of Amsterdam: Angelica Perez of Mayfield: Emma Perez of Amsterdam: Kyle Persch of Gloversville: Charles Petoff of Broadalbin: Ian Phillips of Brooklyn: Kaitlyn Phillips of Amsterdam: William Phillips of Johnstown: Lori Pingitore of Amsterdam: Kathleen Povey of Hadley: Danielle Prock of Ballston Spa; Natalia Quinones of Amsterdam: Tristana Quinones of Gloversville: Khadija Qureshi of Amsterdam; Teigan Ramsey of Ballston Spa: Charles Rauch of Mayfield: Lucinda Reakes of Fort Johnson: Jacob Reed and Matthew Renwick, both of Amsterdam: Zoe Rhinehardt of Gloversville: Kyra Rhinesmith of Hagaman: Cameron Richardson of Fonda: Tabitha Rienhardt of Delanson: Elsa Rivera of Saratoga Springs: Maya Rivera and Alyssa Rizzo, both of Gloversville: Jillian Rockefeller of Fort PLain: Jordan Roe of Amsterdam: Cameron Rogers-Duell of Ballston Spa: Erik Roice of Gloversville: Jennifer Romaine of Fort Plain: Justice Roman of Gloversville: Kathryn Romano of Johnstown: Sierra Roy of Gloversville: Elijah Ryder of Broadalbin; Jeffrey Salatel of Johnstown: Barbara Salie and Ethan Salie, both of Amsterdam: Jenna Salvagni of Gloversville: Nicole Samson of Scotia: Samantha Sanoguet of Gloversville: Manuel Santiago of Fort Johnson: Lily Saposnick of Canajoharie: Daniel Sargent of Amsterdam: Alexandria Schermerhorn of Northville: Adrian Schoolcraft of Glenville: Devin Senecal and Lisbeth Serrano, both of Amsterdam: Gloria Seydi, Youssouph Seydi, and Emily Seyfried, all of Gloversville: Jennifer Shepard of Northville: Sydney Shepard of Canajoharie: Michael Shufelt of Amsterdam: Kaitlyn Siedschlag of Pattersonville: Thomas Sise and Lyndsay Siudy, both of Amsterdam: Jerrica Smith of Johnstown: Shane Smith of Fonda: Drew Snyder of Mayfield: Helen Snyder of Fort Plain: Steven Soto of St. Johnsville: Danielle Sowle of Gloversville: Jillaine Spagnola of Amsterdam: Matthew Spencer and Taylor Spencer, both of Mayfield: Randy Spraker of Hagaman: Marielle St Aubin of Johnstown: Andre Stanfield of Amsterdam: Kristina Stewart of Johnstown: Kylie Stigberg of Broadalbin: Savannah Stockigt of Amsterdan: Najon Subik of Johnstown: Abigail Swank of St. Johnsville: Janel Swanson of Canajoharie: Jaime Swezey of Fort Johnson: Daniel Szabo of Gloversville; Victoria Tambasco of Amsterdam: Jaymes Taylor of Johnstown: Jerold Telford of St. Johnsville: Lucas Tepan of Amsterdam: Luke Thomson of Piseco: Patricia Toher of Little Falls: David Truckenmiller and Jack Truckenmiller, both of Johnstown: Yan Wai Tse, Tin Shui Wai of AB; Micheala Tucker of Gloversville; Rebekah Uhlinger of Broadalbin: Sharon Unislawski of Gloversville; Vincent Valenti of Moreau: Heather Van Buren of Gloversville: Tyanna VanAllen of Amsterdam: Alex VanDeusen of Johnstown: Shelbylyn VanNostrand of Northville; Christianna Vassi and Devin Villa-Valles, and Alexandra Visco, all of Amsterdam: Bracie Vose of Burnt Hills: Tuyen Vu, Ba Ria – Vung Tau; Ariana Waage of Cobleskill: Emilee Walendziak of Gloversville: Susan Walker of Amsterdam: Kiara Walko of Mechanicville: JinJin Wang of Tarrytown: Rebekah Watson of Johnstown: Seth Weeden of Gloversville: Olivia Weiderman of Johnstown: Deana Wheeler of Broadalbin: Christina Whethers of Amsterdam: Madison Whittaker of Northville: Andrew Wilcox of Amsterdam: Kiara Wilkins of Ballston Spa: Charles Williams of Schenectady: Joann Williams and Kira Williams, both of Gloversville: Jean-Luc Williams-Burpee of Amsterdam: Adam Wilson of Caroga Lake: Destiny Wilson of Northville: Kaylee Wilson of Fort Edward: Jennifer Wood of Esperance: Seth Woosley of Amsterdam; Brandon Xaltipa of Gloversville; Shawn Yandell of Amsterdam: Fancheng Yu of Gloversville; Raquel Zabawczuk of Gloversville: Gabriella Zarrelli of Amsterdam: Samantha Zemken of Northville: Lukas Zilka and Peyton Zilles, both of Fonda: Dominick Zippiere of Amsterdam.


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