Diligence urged for V.A. fund recipients

GLOVERSVILLE — The following is for the Fulton County Veterans Service Agency, according to a news release.

Most U.S. government payments are mailed out during the first week of the month. This is also true for direct deposit(s) that are made from the U.S. Treasury.

The Veterans Administration will notify veterans in writing if there is a pending change to their direct deposit account and they must follow the instructions in the letter if they did not authorize the change.

The Fulton County Veterans Services Agency warn all recipients of VA funds that an unauthorized change of direct deposit was recently detected and reported the incident to the VA.

The agency advises all recipients of VA funds to double check their bank account(s) and make sure their direct deposit has been made correctly.

The VA expenditures exceed over $18 million in Fulton County each year with over half of that funding going directly to veterans, their widows, or the next of kin.

Sometimes when banks merge, there may be a hiccup with making changes to direct deposit accounts but it is important to remain diligent in order to prevent erroneous or unintended changes.

In this new era of identity theft, and malicious intrusion into bank accounts, the veterans agency reminds veterans to check their monthly direct deposit and verify that it was made correctly. The payments from the VA will typically show up on a bank statement as a deposit from the U.S. Treasury (VA payment).

If any veteran receives a letter from the VA indicating that they authorized a change to their direct deposit, and they did not, contact the Fulton County Veterans Service Agency at (518) 736-5651.