Fulton-Montgomery Community College Dean’s List

JOHNSTOWN — The following area students attained the spring dean’s list at Fulton-Montgomery Community College for grade-point average of 3.2 or higher, as follows:

Andrea Abeling of Broadalbin, Chad Agerter of Mayfield, Julia Airey of Johnstown, Tiahna Aldi of Gloverville, Brenda Alessi of Gloversville, Brittney Allen of Fort Plain, Jaramie Allen of Johnstown, Jerry Amissah of Gloversville, Joseph Amsinger of Gloversville, Caitlin Anadio-Pitkin of Amsterdam, Richard Arnold of Edinburg, Lindsey Bagwell of Broadalbin, Denise Bailey of Hagaman, Estelle Baines of Fort Plain, Melissa Baker of St. Johnsville, Hannah Ball of Johnstown, Daniel Banewicz of Amsterdam, Elizabeth Banewicz of Amsterdam, Aidan Barnhill of Amsterdam.

Also, Kala Battisti of Palatine Bridge, Kristianna Battisti of Fultonville, Rebecca Battisti of Mayfield, Monique Beam of Canajoharie, Mikayla Beaudet of Gloversville, Nadene Becker of Amsterdam, Tracy Beekman of Amsterdam, Nathan Bell of Johnstown, Vanessa Bellamy of Amsterdam, Cherise Bellandi, of Johnstown, Broc Bellinger of Johnstown, Richard Bellinger of Gloversville, Kyle Biel of Johnstown, Patrick Blake of Johnstown,

Svetlana Bleichner of Fort Plain, Madison Blood of Johnstown, Elizabeth Boles of Broadalbin, Bowin Bonificio of Fultonville, Thomas Booth of Fort Plain, Rhiannon Bornt of Gloversville, Alexandria Borst of Johnstown, Stephanie Boulware of Gloversville, Brittany Bowdish of Esperance.

Also, Donald Boyer of Fonda, Zachary Brand of Ballston Spa, Michael Braunwart of Canajoharie, Jay Briedis of Canajoharie, Lindsay Brockhum of Caroga Lake, Tesa Brody of Broadalbin, Darcy Bromley of St. Johnsville, Amy Bronson of Gloversville, Cody Brooker of Amsterdam, Destin Brooker of Gloversville, Heidi Brown of Fonda, Michael Brown of Johnstown, Kaitlin Brubaker of Mayfield, Hayley Bruse of Johnstown, Antonio Bucciferro of Amsterdam, Isabel Bullis of Fultonville, Amber Bunker of Gloversville, Ashley Burns of Broadalbin, Declan Burtt of Amsterdam, Rose Butler of Johnstown, Jenna Buyce of Amsterdam, Juliana Buyce of Gloversville, Kristen Camino of Gloversville, Samantha Carlson of Gloversville, Monty Carmona of Amsterdam, Declan Carpenter of Fultonville, Elizabeth Carrero of Amsterdam,.

Also, Kasey Carter of Fort Johnson, Caitlyn Catucci of Gloversville, Adriana Cenzano of Gloversville, Jacob Cerasuolo of Johnstown, Siyue Chen of Amsterdam, Lawrence Chest of Fultonville, Jolene Christman of Fort Plain, Cristin Cislo of Amsterdam, Rian Clouser of Fort Johnson, Morgen Colbeth of Amsterdam, Jerame Cole of Gloversville, Madison Cole of Amsterdam, Savannah Colliton of Amsterdam, Kelly Colvin of Fort Plain, Dakota Corapi of Johnstown, Meghan Cortright of Fort Plain, Brittany Coughlin of Fultonville, Michael Countryman of Fort Plain, Ryan Crooker of Johnstown, Aubrianna Crowe of Amsterdam.

Also, Tatianna Curry of Gloversville, Robert Damasco of Amsterdam, Aleshya Darling of Gloversville, Ryan Darling of Canajoharie, Elaine Dawson of Amsterdam, Briana Dean of Johnstown, Rusty Decker of Hagaman, Abby DelCostello of Johnstown, Nicholas DelMedico of Caroga Lake, Madison Dettmer of Fort Plain, Allie DiCaprio of Amsterdam, Ashley Doney of Fort Plain, Sarah Donovan of Amsterdam, Shelby Dopp of Mayfield, Jacob Dudar of St. Johnsville, Rane Dutcher of Gloversville, Susan Dygon of Amsterdam, Joseph Dylong of Amsterdam, James Earl of Broadalbin.

Also, Carly Eglin of Amsterdam, Christina Ellison of Gloversville, Christina Fedullo of Fort Johnson, Gabriella Fernandez of Gloversville, Jose Fernandez of Amsterdam, Natalie Fernandez of Amsterdam, Alexis Fisher of Johnstown, Jill Flansburg of Johnstown, Nicole Folmsbee of Sprakers, Alayna Forker-Hester of Gloversville, Jaime Foss of Gloversville, Katrina Foster of Gloversville, Katherine Frank of Gloversville, Jacob Fura of Amsterdam, Alessandra Gaetano of Amsterdam, William Galster of Gloversville, Taylor Gifford of Amsterdam, Sydney Goodier of Gloversville, Luther Goodrich of Northville, Emily Gordon of Johnstown, Morgan Grandshaw of Canajoharie, Nathaniel Grant of Fort Johnson, Christian Guere of Amsterdam, Emma Guisti of Amsterdam.

Also, Celine Gustas of Amsterdam, Richard Guttenberg of Amsterdam, Claire Guzielek of Johnstown, Dorothy Guzielek of Johnstown, Stacey Hagadorn of Amsterdam, Sarosh Haider of Gloversville, Janice Hambor of Gloversville, Kaylee Hampton of Mayfield, Colleen Handy-Rowback of Gloversville, Jordan Hanna of Fonda, Hunter Hanrahan of Tribes Hill, Jenna Hanson of Fonda, Katelyn Hanson of Fultonville, Jack Hart of Amsterdam, Claire Hayes of Johnstown, Elizabeth Hayward of Johnstown, Nathan Hazelton of Amsterdam,.

Also, Bahja Helou Haddawi of Gloversville, Kale Henderson of Johnstown, William Hewitt of Gloversville, Gabriella Hickok of Gloversville, Courteney Hill of Johnstown, Rebecca Hillman of Gloversville, Danielle Hines of Johnstown, William Hoenzsch of Johnstown, Jacob Holland of Broadalbin, Amari Hollingsworth of Amsterdam, Trey Holloway of Amsterdam, Mikhaila Houser of Fultonville, Michael Hughes of Amsterdam, Briana Humphrey of Gloversville, Dannie Hunt of Amsterdam, Kacie Hunter of Fonda, Edward Hurst of Amsterdam, Crystal Hutchins of Edinburg, Helen Hutt of Canajoharie, Brittanie Ingalls of Amsterdam, Marie Insogna of Amsterdam, Bayley Irelan of Johnstown, Rami Issa of Gloversville, Robert Jacobs of Amsterdam, Lance Jennings of Broadalbin, Mallory Jennings of Broadalbin, Joseph Kalinowski of Gloversville, Jacob Kaminski of Amsterdam, Debbra Kane of Gloversville.

Also, Mohammad Karimi-Nia of Amsterdam, Sarara Kasatani of Johnstown, Heather Keller of Amsterdam,

Sarah Kempter-Swain of Caroga Lake, Jennifer King of Gloversville, Chelsea Kisielis of Amsterdam, Joshua Klare of Johnstown, Trisha Krajewski of Gloversville, Rebecca-Lynn Krolikowski of Amsterdam, Sharon Kruger of Amsterdam, Shain Krutz of Johnstown, Angelique LaFreniere of Fultonville, Patricia Lago of Johnstown, Jennie LaVada of Gloversville, Derek Lee of Johnstown, Daniel Lentini of Johnstown, Hailee Lesser of Amsterdam, Patricia Leto of Fort Johnson, Kelsey Lindquist of Broadalbin, Jenna Litchfield of Broadalbin.

Also, Calli Logan of Fort Plain, Samantha Loucks of Caroga Lake, Tyler Loucks of Amsterdam, Sierra Luck of Gloversville, Doris Mallory of Broadalbin, Maria Mancini of Amsterdam, Salvatore Mannino, ofAmsterdam, Kathia Maracayo of Amsterdam, Kathy Marcais of Amsterdam, Paige Marsh of Gloversville, Francesca Marshall of Gloversville, Arianna Marti of Amsterdam, Gabrielle Martin of Amsterdam, Riley Martin of Amsterdam, Sierra Martin of Amsterdam, Cierra Mason of Northville, Shannon Mauleon of Gloversville, Heather Mayer of Fultonville, Seamus McCormick of Johnstown, Kathleen McDermott of Saint Johnsville, Jessica McNamara of Gloversville, Cole Mead of Amsterdam, Camryn Meca of Mayfield, Christina Mercado of Amsterdam, Natalie Metz of Johnstown, David Miller of Gloversville, John Miller of Johnstown, Tracy Monge of Amsterdam, Zachary Monks of Broadalbin, Joshua Montenaro of Hagaman, Jordan Montgomery of Broadalbin.

Also, Ashlyn Moore of Amsterdam, Elyse Morales of Northville, Jessica Mora-Martinez of Amsterdam, Leif Morford of Fultonville, Erin Morrison of Broadalbin, Evan Morse of Galway, Justin Morse of Lake Pleasant, Julian Mortzheim of Gloversville, Melissa Muir of Amsterdam, Cameron Mussmacher of Canajoharie, Rebekka Myers of Mayfield, Seth Myers of Saint Johnsville, Matthew Nantista of Amsterdam, Jocelyn Nellis of Johnstown, Victoria Nellis of Johnstown, Tanya Nicotera, of Saint Johnsville, Danielle Noonan of Amsterdam.

Also, Eric Noonan of Johnstown, Katarina Nordby of Fonda, Kirsten Norton of Gloversville, Courteney Oare of Broadalbin, Carlos Ochoa of Amsterdam, Allison O’Connell of Lake Pleasant, Meghan O’Connor of Amsterdam, Madisyn Orsell of Johnstown, Mercedez Ortell of Gloversville, Susan Parisi of Dolgeville, Daniel Parslow of Fonda, Nadia Payan of Mayfield, Joshua Peck of Caroga Lake, Angelica Perez of Mayfield, Madison Perez of Gloversville, Jacob Petrie of Johnstown, Justin Phillips of Saint Johnsville, Kaitlyn Phillips of Amsterdam, Trevor Pike of Gloversville, Paul Pikul of Amsterdam.

Also, Lori Pingitore of Amsterdam, Julia Plumadore of Gloversville, Abigail Preston of Johnstown, Julia Preston of Johnstown, Ava Priamo of Amsterdam, Lindsay Price of Broadalbin, Liam Quinn of Johnstown, Dalia Quinones of Amsterdam, Tristana Quinones, of Gloversville, Joseph Quist of Amsterdam, Amber Rafferty of Gloversville, Tiffani Ragle of Gloversville, Lucinda Reakes of Fort Johnson, Kierra Reid of Fort Plain, Anthony Rera of Fonda, Kyra Rhinesmith of Hagaman, Samantha Richardson of Fultonville, Mario Rios of Amsterdam, Kylea Ritchie of Gloversville, Bridget Rivera of Amsterdam, Lyssette Rodriguez of Amsterdam, Emmanuel Rodriguez Santos of Amsterdam, Jennifer Romaine of Fort Plain, Kaitlyn Romanowicz, of Amsterdam, Yamilex Rosado of Amsterdam, Gillian Rosmarino of Gloversville, Naomi Rothrock of Sprakers, Jasmine Rouse of Fort Plain, Coty Rulison of Johnstown, Holly Russell of Palatine Bridge.

Also, Brianna Rymarz of Amsterdam, Zachariah Sahler of Fultonville, Nataliya Salada of Amsterdam, Jenna Salvagni of Gloversville, Rafael Sanchez of Gloversville, Samantha Sanoguet of Gloversville, Lauren Santiago of Amsterdam, Raymond Santiago of Amsterdam, Daniel Sargent, of Amsterdam, Glenn Savarese of Northville, Kayla Schermerhorn of Northville, Ashley Searles of Fort Johnson, David Servello of Gloversville, Gloria Seydi of Gloversville, Youssouph Seydi of Gloversville, Jena Shepard of Broadalbin, Jennifer Shepard of Northville, Keith Shoemaker of Gloversville, Michael Shufelt of Amsterdam, Rhyana Simonds of Fultonville, Jerrica Smith of Johnstown.

Also, Peter Smith of Edinburg, Christopher Smouse of Gloversville, Rebecca Souza of St. Johnsville, Danielle Sowle, of Gloversville, Jillaine Spagnola of Amsterdam, Tyler Spaid of Johnstown, Matthew Spencer of Mayfield, Taylor Spencer of Mayfield, Patrick Sprouse of Johnstown, Marielle St Aubin of Johnstown, Colin Stark of Amsterdam, Sabrina Steenburg of Amsterdam, Destiny Stewart of Canajoharie, Kristina Stewart of Johnstown, Gabrielle Strait of Gloversville, Najon Subik of Johnstown, Janel Swanson of Canajoharie, Jaime Swezey of Fort Johnson, Jaymes Taylor of Johnstown, Jerold Telford of Saint Johnsville, Michelle Terwilliger of Canajoharie, Brittany Thackrah of Amsterdam, Grace Thomson of Piseco, Shawna Town of Gloversville.

Also, Amanda Twible of Wells, Zachary Tyler of Amsterdam, Sharon Unislawski of Gloversville, Adam Van Avery of Johnstown, Jasmine Van Avery of Fort Plain, Heather Van Buren of Gloversville, Alex VanDeusen of Johnstown, Danielle VanPatten of Fort Plain, Kirstin VanRenselaar of Canajoharie, Heavenlee Vazquez of Gloversville, Brianne Vecchio of Amsterdam, Zachary Verde of Amsterdam, Erica Vickers, of Amsterdam, Alexandra Vincent of Gloversville, Sierra Vining of Gloversville, Alexandra Visco of Amsterdam, Emilee Walendziak of Gloversville, Krista Walker of Gloversville, Susan Walker of Amsterdam, Christy Wallace of Amsterdam, Nathan Wancewicz of Hagaman.

Also, Jessica Warner of Gloversville, Rebekah Watson of Johnstown. Also, Nicholas Wayman of Fultonville, Deana Wheeler of Broadalbin, Christina Whethers of Amsterdam, Kelsi Whipple of Fonda, Andrew Wilcox of Amsterdam, Valerie Wildey of Amsterdam, Erin Willett of Johnstown, Joann Williams of Gloversville, Makayla Williams of Esperance, Kelsi Winney of Broadalbin, Mark Wood of Johnstown, Rebecca Wrobel of Gloversville, Julia Yanno of Gloversville, Alexandra Zarrelli of Amsterdam, Samantha Zemken, of Northville, Shawn Zimmerman of Stamford, and Dominick Zippiere of Amsterdam.