Farm to receive state grant

FULTONVILLE — Glenvue Farm set to receive $300,000 in state funds to implement a number of water quality protection projects, according to state Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara.

The funds are provided through Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation Waste Storage and Transfer System Program part of the state’s Clean Water Infrastructure Act.

The program allows livestock farms to better manage and store nutrients to protect groundwater and nearby waterways. “These projects will strengthen community health and wellness, working to safeguard the state’s most important water resources,” said Santabarbara.

Santabarbara, a civil engineer, said he advocated for the Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017 that invests $2.5 billion in resources for drinking water, wastewater, infrastructure, and other water quality protection across the state. From that, $50 million has been made available to help the state’s livestock farms implement water quality protection projects including proper management and storage of nutrients on the farms.

“This funding will advance the nutrient and resource management of Glenvue Farm operations while protecting the community’s drinking water, supporting conservation efforts, and safeguarding against pollution,” Santabarbara said.