Miss Fonda Fair program continues

Miss Fonda Fair 2017 winners are, from left, Princess Fonda Fair Allison Cranker, Junior Princess Fonda Fair Evelina Masi, Junior Miss Fonda Fair Lillian Lighthall and Miss Fonda Fair Mackenzie Longale. (Photo submitted)

FONDA — The 33rd annual Miss Fonda Fair program continues the traditions and goals it began with in 1985, to give the young women of Fulton and Montgomery counties an opportunity to have a special experience while working at the goal of learning to be their best, according to a news release.

The Miss Fonda Fair program is respected by community members and is something many girls look forward to each year and work towards all summer. The program also gives local girls an experience which improves their public speaking and interview skills as they prepare for their future job interviews or even the Miss New York State-Miss America scholarship pageants. The Miss Fonda Fair pageant has the reputation of being a self-esteem booster, integrity builder and community spirit booster for the contestants.

The females, ages 5 to 24, who reside in Fulton or Montgomery County, can be part of the pageant for the crowning of the four Miss Fonda Fair queens. Enter for a chance to be crowned royalty: Miss Fonda Fair, Junior Miss, Princess or Junior Princess. They can also nominate their mother for Mother of the Year. Enter early to win the award for first application received, the news release stated.

The following is the schedule of the events which will be at the Kane Entertainment Building, the news release stated.

∫ Wednesday is the application deadline.

The following is the program schedule for Saturday.


∫ At 9 a.m. for Miss for ages 16 to 24.

∫ At 10 a.m. for Junior Miss for ages 12 to 15.

∫ At 12:30 p.m. for Princess for ages 8 to 11.

∫ At 2 p.m. for Junior Princess for ages 5 to 7.


∫ At 10:30 a.m. for Miss Pageant.

∫ At 3 p.m. for Princess Pageant.

The following is the Miss Fonda Fair pageant schedule for Aug. 25.


∫ At 3 p.m. for Miss and Junior Miss.

∫ At 5 p.m. for Princess and Junior Princess.

For more information and application, go to: www.fondafair.com or Miss Fonda Fair Facebook page.

In 2017: Miss Fonda Fair — Mackienzie Longale; Junior Miss Fonda Fair — Lillian Lighthall; Princess Fonda Fair — Allison Cranker; Junior Princess — Evelina Masi.