Keegan to speak on wilderness survival

GLOVERSVILLE — Barry Keegan, an interpreter of Native American crafts and technology will speak at a public meeting of the Adirondack Mountain Club Foothills Chapter at 7 p.m. on June 13 at Gloversville Senior Center.

A meeting will be held with pizza and salad at 6 p.m.

Keegan will include helpful survival tips through observation while out in the woods including observation to keep from getting lost, getting unlost, and seeing what has gone before you. Part of the adventure of exploring the outdoors is using the ability to observe animal tracks and identify birds, rock formations and caves, artifacts, and old foundations to prepare for all possibilities including weather, a sprained ankle, a mistake, or a forgotten detail on a map. He will provide an introduction on what skills are needed to stay warm, to find a way out, what shelters are helpful in a pinch, rope making, finding plants for water, fire making and food.

Keegan has been creating historical replicas and teaching the skills of material culture of local First Peoples culture since 1991. He has taught Earth skills including flint knapping, basketry, bark canoe making, and fire by friction, bows and arrows, primitive fishing, survival food, water and shelter.

He has taught at survival schools, primitive gatherings, colleges and public schools, day camps, museum and nature centers. He also makes replica crafts for museums and teaching institutions, has written more than 20 articles for periodicals, and has assisted in writing and illustrating numerous books on primitive technology related matters.

For more information, visit www.adk.org.


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