First-aid kits donated to nursing staff

Littauer nursing staff, from left, Terry Darby, Wendy Bowie, Stacie Klingbeil, Ashlee Weddell, Darcy Knapp, Deb Frederiksen and presenter Kim Schuyler. (Photo submitted)

GLOVERSVILLE — The Northville Central School Microsoft Office Class and Double E Corporation Club, under the direction of Kimberly Schuyler, recently donated first-aid kits to the Nathan Littauer Hospital nursing staff.

“We are thrilled by this very thoughtful gesture,” said Ashlee Weddell, registered nurse in Littauer’s Birthing Center and one of the receiving nurses.

The donation is a result of the clubs’ Project Based Learning task where they take the initiative and responsibility to change a group of people’s lives for a period of time. After a brainstorming session, the groups unanimously agreed upon nurses.

“Nurses provide care and assist patient needs, helping people physically and emotionally,” said the group. “Nurses are constantly going back to school to enhance their education, and always have to be on their ‘A’ game. We hope our kits brighten the day of the wonderful Nathan Littauer nursing staff.”

NCS students Austin Akey, Jenna Forsey, Jessica Miller and Nate Reidell participated.

The gifts arrived during National Nurses Week and according to the nurses, it did brighten their day.