Littauer welcomes new dietician


GLOVERSVILLE — Nathan Littauer announced the arrival of Emily D. Lalonde, a clinical dietitian to the nutrition team. Since June, Lalonde has been assessing patients and will participate in future health-related events throughout the surrounding community.

“Having an in-house dietitian like Emily is part of Littauer’s commitment to health and wellness. Her passion is a good match to our services particularly as she assists seniors with their nutritional needs,” said Cheryl McGrattan, vice president of marketing and communications for Littauer.

As a recent graduate from the State University of Oneonta, Lalonde earned a masters in nutrition and dietetics, and a bachelors of science in dietetics.

“Choosing Nathan Littauer as my first placement as a newly registered dietitian was one of the best decisions I could have made. You can truly tell that this facility is its own community and that each staff member cares for not only the patients, but also each other,” said Lalonde. “Having a hospital, nursing home, and growing outpatient program all under one roof makes for a great place to grow as a nutrition professional.”

Prior to graduation, Lalonde served as an intern at St. Elizabeth Medical Center, where she completed a 19-week clinical rotation. She also published two articles focusing on low birth weight in infants.

Lalonde rounded out her education volunteering for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Boiler Maker Expo. She also has studied abroad in Columbia.

Lalonde now resides in Amsterdam.


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