Amsterdam High School awards

Department Awards

∫ Art — Outstanding Student–Brianna Petkovsek, Ryan Rivera, Ashley Kubas, and Ivelisse Torres

∫ Band– presented by Mike Perry and Ann Bottisti

Director’s Award for Band–Jacob LaBate

∫ Louis Armstrong Jazz Award–Stephen Perry

∫ Montgomery County Music Association Award– Instrumental–Brianna Petkovsek

∫ Chorus–awarded by Colleen LeGere

∫ Director’s Award for Chorus–Adrean Suidy and Gabrielle Saj

∫ National School Choral Award–Katiuska Llaurador

∫ Excellence in Music– Vocal–Noemi Figueroa and Tyler Smith

∫ Montgomery County Music Association Award– Vocal–Kiara Alicea

∫ Peter Lansburg Memorial Choral Award–Ericha Engle

∫ Business– Outstanding Student–Grace Catena and Isaiah Pereicich

∫ Drama– Acting Award–Katiuska Llaurador

∫ Drama– Technical Award–Brianna Petkovsek

∫ English– Excellence in the study of Literature–Cinderae Chrzanowksi, Mallory Morin, and Kelsey Veeder

∫ Foreign Language–Spanish–Celine Gustas

∫ Mathematics– Outstanding Student–Tazdyn Francisco, Nicholas Proietti, Elizabeth Brodie, and Timothy Kline

∫ Science– Outstanding Physical and Life Science Students–Physical–Arianna Marti, Life–Jasmine Bailey

∫ Social Studies– Outstanding Student–Tazdyn Francisco, Nicholas Proietti, Elizabeth Brodie, Timothy Kline, and Jessica Gardinier

Scholarships and awards

∫ Kathleen Brown Memorial Scholarship– awarded by the parents of Kathy Brown (Class of ’86) to a student who exemplifies the school spirit of AHS–Kade Sherlock

∫ Michael P. Pallotta Memorial Scholarship– Awarded by Michael’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pallotta presented by Mike Sampone, chairman of the scholarship committee–Jessica Gardinier

∫ BlueShield Scholars Program– presented by a BlueShield representative–Jesse Kellogg

∫ Costa Lazarou Athletic Scholarship–presented by his daughter Christine Sherlock–Nina Fedullo, Dale Stanavich, Edena Sanchez, Kade Sherlock, and Anthony Rossi

∫ Robert “Bobby” Bower, Gunners Mate Second Class, United States Navy Memorial Award presented by his parents and grandfathers – Matthew Russo

∫ Lions Club Scholarship– presented by the Lions Club member, Frank Valiante, to a student entering a healthcare related field–Tazdyn Francisco

∫ The Stanley J. Burza Memorial Award– awarded by Mrs. Burza in memory of Mr. Burza, who sponsored many softball games and was active in sports his whole life–Kade Sherlock

∫ Patrick J. Liverio Football scholarship– presented by his sons Pat and Mike Liverio, and granddaughter, Lucia Liverio – Jarrett Nowak

∫ Matilda M. Masto Memorial Award–presented by her husband,  L Paul Masto and her daughter Maria Horan – Jacob LaBate and Stephen Perry

∫ Fulton Montgomery Community College Presidential Scholarship–presented by Mimi Eglin–Alexis Tirado, Arianna Marti, Celine Gustas, Serria Thomas

∫ Fulton Montgomery Community College Clifford T. Weller Scholarship–presented by Mimi Eglin–Grace Holloway

∫ The FM Foundation Award–presented by Mimi Eglin–Elishmarie Carbonell

∫ Band Booster Award–presented by Misty Nichols and Jen Lindsay–Jessica Gardinier, Jacob LaBate, Wyatt Madej, Stephen Perry, Brianna Petkovsek, Jonathan Rivera, Phillip Tambasco, Serria Thomas

∫ Lew Carosella Memorial Award–Dale Stanavich

∫ Mr. Arthur Cotugno Memorial Scholarship–awarded to a scholar/athlete–Martina Hughes, Max Spagnola, and Robert Spagnola

∫ Barbara and Robert Reidy Humanitarian Award- Timothy Kline

∫ Brown Transportation, Inc. College Award Program–Robert Spagnola and Maria Lomanto

∫ Amsterdam Professional Firefighters Union Scholarship–Martina Hughes

 ∫ NYS Attorney General’s Triple “C: Award–Commitment, Character, and Courage–Jessica Gardinier and Calynn Vitus

∫ Matthew Martuscello Memorial Award–Given in Matthew’s honor by his parents, Irene and Joseph–Robert Spagnola

∫ Cranesville Reformed Church Music Award–Jacob LaBate

∫ Karen Houlihan Golden Memorial Award–the students chosen are those who, in words and actions, best exemplify those of Karen in helping other people and working hard. Karen always followed the “Golden Rule” of how to treat other people, and so do the recipients of this award–Brandon Little and Dylan Farrell

∫ David and Michelle Cudmore Memorial Award–awarded to a student who has shown academic leadership, sportsmanship, and service to the community–Brendan McGillin and Martina Hughes

∫ Elizabeth Cady Stanton Women’s Consortium Scholarship–awarded to the top Participation in Government female–Tazdyn Francisco

∫ Zonta Education Award–funded through Zonta Club of Montgomery and Fulton–Jessica Gardinier

∫ The Douglas Hutchinson Memorial Award–Awarded to a graduating senior pursuing a career in an agriculture related field–Brock Nelson

∫ Peter Lansburg Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship–Elijah Newborn

∫ Herbert Lurie Memorial Award–Awarded to graduating seniors planning to continue their education and academic excellence–Calynn Vitus, Cassidy Kerrick, and Tazdyn Francisco

∫ Carmella and Anthony Marcellino Memorial Award–In recognition of school citizenship given by their daughter Helen Seward–Jessica Gardinier and Mallory Morin

∫ The Robert Louison Drama, Broadcasting, and Television Award–awarded by the family of the late Robert Louison, a former graduate, to a senior who has been involved in drama while in high school–Brianna Petkovsek

∫ The Jamie Lucente Memorial Award–Awarded by Joseph Lucente to a student who excels in the sport of baseball–Robert Spagnola

∫ The Jane A. Hughes Cancer Award–given by Jane’s family and her classmates to a student who is pursuing a college education and has been impacted by cancer in some way, shape, or form–Gabrielle Disalvi and Calynn Vitus

∫ Frederick Smith Memorial Award–Mikayla Gunneson

∫ Kiwanis Club Award–for outstanding service to the school and community–Angela Gonputh and Anthony Bier–for their work with the LPP Backpack Program

∫ American Red Cross School Challenge Scholarship Program–Calynn Vitus and Grace Catena

∫ Montgomery County Stop DWI Award–Jessica Gardinier

∫ Jerome H. Schaffer Award–Given by the family in his memory to a student who exemplifies excellence in creative writing and literature, and who participates in school & community activities–Kelsey Veeder

∫ Amsterdam Teachers Association–Brendan McGillin, Timothy Kline, and Max Spagnola

∫ Gerald P. Barnell Memorial Scholarship–in memory of a former music teacher–Katiuska Llaurador

∫ Peter Sheldon Memorial Award–Kiara Alicea, Megan Alikonis, and Brock Nelson

∫ CTW Scholarship Award–Emily Vargas and Jesse Kellogg

∫ CTW Award for highest Math and Science Regents–Nicholas Proietti and Gabrielle Disalvi

∫ ATA Valedictorian Award–Jessica Gardinier

∫ Annette Kinne Art Award–Brianna Petovsek

∫ The Adirondack Theater Award–co-sponsored by the AHS Drama Club and Mohawk Valley Chorus to recognize a graduate who has participated in the performing arts and who will be pursuing a college degree in the Arts–Katiuska Llaurador

∫ Deann Rosmarino Memorial Award–Timothy Kline

∫ New York State Comptroller’s Achievement Award–Victoria Barone-Lopez and Kelsey Veeder

∫ Seely Conover’s Office Centre Award–Awarded to a graduating senior pursuing a major in business– Isaiah Pereicich

∫ Student Government Award–Grace Catena

∫ Paul and Karen Wassell Memorial Award–awarded to two students who have shown academic leadership, sportsmanship, and community service–Nashaly Santiago and Brandon Little

 ∫ Amsterdam Retired Teacher Association Scholastic Award–Jacob LaBate

∫ Joseph A. Longobardo Memorial Award–Elijah Newborn

∫ The Women’s Health of Amsterdam T. Donald and Betty Ann Rapello Scholarship–Elizabeth Brodie

∫ Lee and Grace Vedder Scholarship–awarded by the Vedder Foundation to two graduating seniors whose rank in class, SAT scores, and seriousness of academic purpose demonstrates their scholastic ability–Jessica Gardinier and Kelsey Veeder

∫ United State Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award–Jesse Kellogg and Victoria Barone-Lopez

∫ United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award–Grace Catena

∫ United State Marine Corps “Semper Fidelis” Award for Musical Excellence–Katiuska Llaurador

∫ Frank Butch Miller Old Timers Football Award–Dale Stanavich


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