Tonko selected for energy committee

ALBANY — Rep. Paul Tonko (D-Amsterdam) has been selected to serve as the lead Democratic member on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce subcommittee on environment, according to a news release.

As ranking member, Tonko will serve as a national advocate for policies that promote clean air, protect water systems, improve chemical safety, and respond to the growing threat of climate change.

 According to the release, Tonko said: “I want to thank my colleagues, especially Energy and Commerce ranking member Frank Pallone Jr.  for the opportunity to serve in this vital role. As ranking member of the environment subcommittee, I will continue to fight for protections for our air, investments in water infrastructure to keep our families safe, and policies that slow or reverse the devastating effects of climate change that threaten America’s industries and the jobs and opportunities that depend on them. 

“Preventing environmental degradation is more than an ecological issue. Pollution in our environment is increasing health care costs as rates of heart and respiratory illness rise. We have seen tragic effects from failing water systems that continue to deliver unsafe drinking water. And climate change is already having devastating economic effects as food growing seasons shift and extreme storms displace millions of families and destroy critical infrastructure. These issues demand our immediate attention and urgent action and I look forward to continuing to advance these priorities in the new Congress.”

 Tonko was also selected to serve on the Energy and Commerce subcommittee as well as the subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

More information on the congressman’s work on this issue can be found at Tonko.house.gov.


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