Meco students get new hoops

GLOVERSVILLE – Students at Meco Elementary School will able to enjoy shooting basketballs at two new hoops on their playground court, thanks to the efforts of their schoolmates in Lynn Hughes’ first-grade class.

Lessons on persuasive writing recently sparked the idea among students in Hughes’ class to write letters to Principal Jim Crawford asking for the old basketball court to be fixed up.

After receiving the letters, Crawford let the class know he would have to “ask his boss,” so the students took matters in their own hands with a letter-writing campaign to Superintendent Michael B. Vanyo.

“We would really appreciate a basketball court on our playground because the one we have is rusty and old,” wrote first-grader Adrielle Allen, adding that the improvements would help Meco students “be healthy all the time at recess.”

In their letters, many of the students also ensured the superintendent he could play on the new court, too.

“The great thing about this is that the students recognized a problem themselves and then – right in line with our Literacy Matters initiative – used persuasive writing to tell us why action needed to be taken,” Vanyo said in an e-mail.

Hughes credits the students for their follow-through.

“I taught them about persuasive writing, but they came up with the idea all on their own,” she said in a news release. “I think it’s great the kids have been rewarded for their hard work.”

Crawford said he was delighted with what the students were able to accomplish. “I’m very proud of the kids for initiating this, and getting new basketball hoops for Meco is a great outcome,” he said.