Liberty market, Korona Farms team up to offer local produce

AMSTERDAM – Liberty Fresh Market has established a partnership with Tim and Debbie Korona of Korona Farms in Perth that will allow the market to offer local, fresh produce throughout the growing season.

“With consumers more and more mindful of where their food is coming from these days, we feel that the market can give them a trusted local source with superior quality produce,” said Liberty Director of Industrial Operations and Employment Services Bill Sikora. “Buying local also provides support for sustainable agriculture and gives consumers a broader and healthier assortment of seasonal foods.”

“We want to create an enjoyable and meaningful experience for our customers,” said Liberty Fresh Market store manager EvaMarie Mraz. “When they enter our doors, they’ll be walking into a farmers market every day of the week. We want them to feel that the produce they are choosing to bring home and feed their family was picked just for them.”

Liberty Fresh Market will work with the Koronas to offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Tim Korona, a third-generation farmer, currently has 30 acres of fruits and vegetables planted. The Korona family also has a dairy component to the farm. In July 2014, fire struck and they lost their entire dairy barn; nearly 30 cows and calves perished in the fire.

A nearby silo was also touched by flames and may have to be torn down.

The family has been working tediously to get the farm cleaned up and back on its feet.

“My father, Stanley Sr. said it best when he said his whole life was gone in 15 minutes when the fire happened,” said Tim Korona. “It was a tough loss. Now, my son Chris and nephew Jeremey have taken on the daily dairy operations, freeing me to concentrate on growing.

“We (my wife and I) think this is a great partnership with Liberty Fresh Market,” he said. “It’s a way to get our name out there. It’s a trusted one because we’ve been selling sweet corn for more than 15 years. People know where there produce is coming from.”

“The produce Liberty Fresh Market customers will be purchasing are a lot fresher than other places, it’s picked daily,” said Debbie Korona. “We wouldn’t put out anything we wouldn’t eat.”

Throughout the growing season these vegetables and fruits will be available include: ?beans (green & yellow), beets, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, corn, cucumbers,?eggplant, onions, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, tomatoes, watermelon, yellow squash, and zucchini

The Korona Farm has been family owned and operated by the Koronas since 1965.

Liberty Fresh Market, located on Route 30, is a bulk-food store and training program, operated by Liberty Enterprises.

The market was opened mid-August 2014.